5 Foods High In Magnesium

best foods high in magnesium

What I didn’t know about magnesium?



What comes to your mind when you hear the word “magnesium?” Perhaps you have flashbacks of being in chemistry class and seeing the symbol Mg on the periodic table? I know I do from time to time but don’t worry we’re not going to talk about chemistry. We are however going to talk about this chemical element by talking about at least 5 foods high in magnesium.



Before we do get started let’s start with a short story that really happened. When I was on the phone with my mother she told me that I need to seriously start taking vitamins. Even though I’ve never been one to take them what she told me about magnesium pills seriously changed the way I view my health. Before our conversation I had absolutely ZERO idea that magnesium had so many health benefits including building bone density.




In fact to further elaborate it’s importance let’s just say that magnesium is essential for bone density much like how protein is important for muscle growth. About over 50% of magnesium is store in our skeletal system thus your body needs this mineral. Since it has this much importance on your bone health one of best ways to get the right amount is through consuming foods high in magnesium.




Having said about those two stories let’s take a look at what those 5 foods high in magnesium are. As we discuss them we’ll start to see how this can effect your performance in a positive manner.









1) Spinach


You may or may not love spinach but if you want strong bones you might think twice. Spinach along with other green vegetables is a very good source of magnesium. For instance if you were to boil spinach it would contain 78 mg of magnesium per 1/2 cup. That’s a lot of milligrams for just half a cup so imagine what an entire bowl of spinach would do for your bones.




The other benefits of eating foods rich in magnesium such as spinach also include relieving diabetes, regulating high blood pressure, combating depression, aiding your heart health & more. Now that’s not to say that “eat spinach once and you’ll get over depression and high blood pressure.” Often times you have to consume these things regularly to experience the benefits.




Having said that, if you’ve never eaten spinach regularly then you’ll definitely want to start including it in your diet.










2) Black beans



There are so many benefits to eating black beans regularly such enjoying their taste, they’re high in protein and they’re a very good source of magnesium. It’s been said that the proof is in the pudding so here’s proof that black beans are high in magnesium. Black beans contain about 60 mg of magnesium with a serving size of 1/2 cup.




That may not be as much as spinach but for just 1/2 that’s a lot of mg of magnesium. If that’s how much only half a cup contains could you imagine if you ate an entire pot of beans? That’s a lot of magnesium that your body would be consuming. According to one medical site an adult male should take in about 400-420 mg of magnesium.




That may sound like over kill but according to medical professionals a diet high in magnesium has been linked to lower risks in getting arthritis. Having a magnesium rich diet doesn’t sound too bad when you consider the benefits.





To view a full list of foods high in magnesium click the link https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/15650-magnesium-rich-food to read the entire post.








3) Dark Chocolate


Yum, dark chocolate sounds really good doesn’t it? Not only is dark chocolate good for it’s rich color and it’s taste but did you know that this is an excellent source of magnesium. This will probably be your favorite food on the list but here’s how much magnesium is in dark chocolate. For just 1 oz of dark chocolate there are 50 mg of magnesium that you’d be consuming.




You may be thinking “wow that’s awesome. Now I really love dark chocolate”. Now if you don’t really care for dark chocolate but prefer milk or white chocolate you may want to have a change of heart. Due to the fact that dark chocolate is higher in magnesium that makes it better for your body as well as your brain.




You probably heard that dark chocolate is good for your brain right? But did you know that magnesium is very effective for relieving and combating depression and anxiety? These are two very devastating mental illnesses and studies show that magnesium is great for alleviating the anxiety and depression.




I bet you’ll start eating more magnesium rich foods after reading this entire post. I certainly hope so because I know I will. So far that’s 3 out of 5 foods high in magnesium mentioned so far. Let’s peep at the last two and see what we’ll learn.










4) Pumpkin Seeds


I gotta be completely candid here. I never really liked the taste of pumpkin seeds but then again I’ve only had them once so maybe I should give them a chance. Either way pumpkin seeds, like them or not are one of the 5 foods high in magnesium mentioned on this post. For every serving size of 1 oz they contain 74 mg of magnesium. 




Like them or not these are definitely one of the best sources of magnesium that your body can take in. The best part about a lot of the foods mentioned during this post is that you can get easy access to them at any grocery store near you. Much like how eating different protein based foods can help with muscle growth perhaps you can do the same with foods containing magnesium.




The objective is to get the right amount of minerals for your body to really benefit from. And since magnesium is one of the most important minerals that your body can consume you’d do a lot of good if you started consuming a magnesium based diet.












5) Baked Potatoes


It’s been said that potatoes especially the skin is the most nutritious part you can eat. One of the reasons why they’re so nutritious is because along with helping you strengthen your immune system potatoes baked with the skin are also high in magnesium.




Over 3 oz contains around 43 mg of magnesium. This is especially good for the human body because potatoes have to ability to promote good heart health.This may be because of the amount magnesium it contains because scientific studies also proves that magnesium is a great source of strengthening your heart and blood flow.




If you’re a fan of potatoes then that’s great. But you don’t really care for them then hopefully you’re having seconds thoughts since it’s an excellent source of magnesium which is essential for having strong bones and a healthy heart. When you consider the health benefits of potatoes there’s a reason why it’s on the list of 5 foods high in magnesium.











Bottom Line


Obviously there are so many other foods that contain magnesium but if I’m no scientist or nutritionist then why am I even talking about these things? Well does it take a scientist or nutritionist to tell you to take care of your body or does that responsibility rest on you? Doctors, nutritionist, scientists etc.,. are no doubt experts in their field and they are entitled to tell you what you’re putting in your body. However you have to take responsibility with what you eat since the choice is ultimately yours.



Now what does this all have to do with your physical performance? Well ask yourself these questions; can you improve your physical performance on a regular basis if you have brittle bones? What about is you have an unhealthy heart? Can you strengthen your performance if you have diabetes? Well the obvious answer is no, not at all.



Having a magnesium rich diet can drastically stabilize, improve your health and in turn help with your fitness routine. Always eat to improve your health and exercise to improve your performance. And remember it’s not about having the perfect physique but it’s about being healthy and staying fit.




So those are at least 5 foods high in magnesium. If you enjoyed this post, agreed or disagreed with what you read, or you felt that there are more foods high in magnesium leave your thoughts in the comment section below.



As always stay healthy & fit…




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