5 Health Benefits Of Walking Regularly

health benefits of walking

Health benefits of walking


You know what I really hate? It’s driving around over and over again. But one thing that I really love is walking and with good reasons too. There are at least 5 health benefits to walking regularly. But instead of talking about how I’ve personally benefited from walking on this post click the link here to read what walking has done for me by clicking the link here https://menshealthyfit.com/the-benefits-ive-experienced-from-walking-frequently/.



In the modern age that we live in we’re constantly being bombarded with cars and other types of technology. But have you ever considered what walking can do to your health. Yeah, yeah walking is simple but this simple exercise has some pretty significant benefits to both your mental and physical health.



To keep it simple and to the point we’re going to focus on 5 ways walking can help your physical & mental health and well being.








1) (Health benefits of walking everyday) Strengthens your blood flow


This is probably one of the most important effects walking can have on you. When you have a really good blood flow due to walking eventually you’ll feel less fatigued, you’re stamina and endurance will also start to increase and also a good blood flow is a sign of having good blood circulation.


Imagine if you tried to do any form of exercise but your blood flow was extremely terrible. That would be like walking through the desert without drinking any water AT ALL or driving your car without having any oil and coolant. So in the same sense when you do any form of physical activity you want to have an overall good circulation and on of the best ways to strengthen your blood flow is by taking frequent walks.


You don’t have to start off by walking 7 miles. You can start small by walking at least 1 mile a day. If you feel like a mile is too low, move it up to 2 miles and so on and so forth.









2) Helps you relieve your stress and anxiety


Let’s face it life can be a huge bother and eventually that turns into stress and then anxiety. From work problems to car problems to financial problems sometimes you just feel like sleeping it all off and that may seem logical since life’s so stressful. In all honesty though it’d probably better for you not just physically but also mentally to go on a long walk and I’m saying this from experience.



Exercising is one of the best ways to relieve stress and that also includes walking. When you do take your walks it won’t get rid of your problems that you have to face on an external level but it will help you to calm down and not stress about the future but will help you focus on the here and now as well as help you regain control of yourself and of your attitude. The good thing about walking is that it’s a free form of exercise that also gives you the time to work out your problems mentally so that you can take back control of yourself psychologically.



When I use to struggle with anxiety and depression I use to take advantage of my solitude by taking the longest walks. As mentioned above my problems that I had to face externally didn’t just disappear but I was able to regulate, control and eventually overcome my anxiety and depression. No, no your mental health won’t just completely recover overnight but just like your stress came gradually, walking will help you to battle and relieve your stress and anxiety gradually.








3) You strengthen the muscles in your legs


If you want to put every muscle in your legs to work then you might what to consider walking as part of your exercise routine. For example on multiple occasions I would walk 7 miles go to a specific location and to get back home I’d walk another 7 miles going back home. When I say every muscle in my legs were burning I mean ever muscle in my legs were burning…like I felt like anytime I’d start walking on air.



The next days or so I felt that my quads, my hamstrings, my calves and even my glutes were stronger. Like with any workout or form of exercise your muscles will breakdown when you intensely put them to work and you’ll start to feel sore. But in time with consistency they’ll rebuild themselves to be stronger than they were before.


So walking has the same effect on your leg muscles in terms of soreness, but with consistency and diligence your-

  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Glutes


Will rebuild themselves making your lower body stronger than it was before. You don’t have walk as much as 14 miles but you do want it to be enough where you’ll feel sore enough as if you went to the gym.








4) It’ll assist with your metabolism and weight loss

Regulating weight loss is one of the 5 health benefits of walking regularly


If you have a low metabolism well this is fantastic news but if you have an extremely high metabolism this can be your worst nightmare. But for those with a low metabolism reading this…well…just keep reading. When you take even a brisk and light walk depending on how much you weigh you can burn as much as between 100-300 calories in half an hour.



If you were to walk longer say for about an hour or even 2 hours you can burn as much as 200-600 calories (for walking an hour) and burn about 300-900 calories (for walking 2 hours). You see why I said if you have a low metabolism walking frequently would be a dream come true? You won’t just lose all of your weight from just one walk though. Can a skinny guy won’t get shredded from one workout on the beach or at the gym? Nope! Whether it’s gaining or losing weight you have to be consistent in what you do.




You have to develop a habit of walking and it doesn’t even have to be everyday. In fact it can be at least 2-3 days weekly. I use to walk everyday but my reasons were different. Depending where you live, why not get out of the house and just take a nice stroll. You won’t regret it if you start now. We’re not quite done yet though because that was just 4 out of the 5 health benefits of walking regularly. Let’s check out the 5th benefit walking regularly does for you.









5) Can help you fight and prevent diabetes

One of the 5 benefits to walking regularly is helping you fight & prevent diabetes



To be candid this is probably one of the most important benefits you’ll get from walking regularly. Diabetes is not to be underestimated especially in the United States. Not to mention that all of the drugs that you have to take to regulate it can add up.



Having said that here’s what you can do about. If you have a blender and a plastic bottle (BPA free preferably) throw in fruits and vegetables with some juice like…


  • Broccoli
  • Kiwis
  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Guava


Once you blend a couple of these fruits or all of them together get to walking and drink your smoothy as you go. You may be thinking “Eewww broccoli with carrots and berries and stuff. That’s gross”. Those types of produce in particular (especially broccoli and guava) are one of the best ways to fight weight loss and diabetes with little to no side effects.



You can keep taking the pills you got from the pharmacy, or you can try the alternative and save yourself the money. Doesn’t that sound more practical?








To sum it up the health benefits of walking regularly


Hey I ain’t no doctor (I know ain’t isn’t a real word but who cares) and I’m no nutritionist. I’m just a guy who wants to help out others by giving them practical advice that they can apply. Even though everyone’s body is different, walking on a frequently is something that everyone who’s able-bodied can do.



Think about it; in the ancient times before there were cars, planes, buses etc., people got around by at least two ways. They were horses and walking and surely walking gave them both physical and mental benefits. True that was back then. Yet we still require the right amount of exercise to contribute to our vitality and performance. So those are at least 5 health benefits of walking regularly.




Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post and learned something new. Now you have a reason to get started and taking control of your health and fitness. If you liked what you read share your thoughts in the comment section concerning