5 Types Of Good Carbs To Consume


Are Carbs Actually Bad?


Well, are carbs actually bad? Yes, all carbs are bad. Just kidding it really depends on the type of carbs that you consume. The other thing is that it also depends on your body-type. If you’re an ectomorph then you’re going to need of all the carbs you can get. The reason for this is because of how quickly your body burns energy henceforth is why you’ll need to consume more carbs than others. In this post we’ll discuss at least 5 types of good carbs to consume and sum up how this is essential to your health and performance.




You may be thinking “carbs are very bad for me” and depending on your body type you may be right. For instance if you’re an endomorph then you’ll need to cut back on carbs. So if you have a slow metabolism then you can disregard this post. If you have a high  metabolism then you’ll want to read this post.







1)  Potatoes



Potatoes have many benefits from strengthening your immune system to boosting your heart health and even putting on healthy weight. Yes you read that correctly potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates. Actually they have about 37 g of carbs which is not small at all.



One way you can add potatoes to your meals is eat them during breakfast along with other foods like toast, oatmeal etc.,. That may sound like a lot of carbs but if you have a high metabolism and you’d like to put on weight then a breakfast high in carbs is necessary. I’ll give you an example: when I eat breakfast I make it my aim to eat about 4-5 stacks of pancakes along with baked potatoes and sausages. Since I’m an ectomorph I can’t afford to go through the day without eating consistently (even though I have many times).



Eating a diet high in carbs is like a car that needs gas and oil. If a car has no fuel then it won’t function. In the same since if you have a high metabolism but you don’t consume any healthy carbs you’ll always burn too much energy which will affect your over vitality.







2) Bananas



Have you ever wondered why a lot of people will blend a banana shake before or after a workout? This is because bananas are very rich in carbs and thus it’s necessary to replace the amount of energy that was burned while working out. The amount of carbs that bananas contain are about 27 g so drinking a banana shake before or (and) after a work out isn’t a bad idea.




Here’s the approach you can take; after eating a nice big meal make yourself a banana shake before you workout. After your workout try drinking another banana shake to replace the amount of calories that you burned off. I did this once and increased my weight but about 9-15 pounds.




Of course however not everyone should try this method since others have a hard time burning weight due to their metabolism. If you do have a high metabolism and you do this frequently you’ll start to see results and feel really energized.







3) Apples




This one may or may not surprise you but it’s true that apples are a great source of carbs. When we think of apples the first thing that comes to mind may be the taste, apple juice or even apple pie. However those aren’t the only thing that apples are good for. For instance if you were to consider the amount of carbs in an apple it’d amount to 25 grams.




Much like blending a banana before or after a workout you can make an apple smoothie and use after the gym. First though eat a big meal and let it digest for a little and then get your workout in. After that’s done blend an apple smoothie and voila! As you do this consistently you’ll start to slow down your metabolism and gain the right kind of weight.




Of course like with anything you need to make it a habit if you want to see the results. In fact why not diversify the amount of carbs that you consume in a day if you’re an ectomorph?






4) Oats



Another source of good carbohydrates out of the 5 types of good carbs to consume are oats. Unlike the unhealthy carbs that you and I have probably consumed oats is great for putting on weight the right way. They have about 27 grams of carbs contained in them so you’d be crazy to pass this up if you wanted to put on weight.




A great way to get the extra benefits would be to add bananas and apples to your oatmeal. This way you’d be consuming at least 79 grams worth of carbs. If you’re an ectomorph then you’ll definitely want to try this out because your body will burn through energy quickly. So every morning why not make yourself a bowl of oatmeal and put some banana and apple slices to get all the carbs that you need.




After you eat a big breakfast don’t forget to blend a banana shake or apple smoothie to replace the carbs that you’re going to burn during the day. If that’s too much extra work then have an oatmeal bar.








5) Sweet Potatoes



The first thing that came to mind was sweet potato pie right? It did for me at least and I wasn’t always a fan of it until recently. But enough about my personal preferences and lets talk about the nutritional benefits. Much like regular potatoes, sweet potatoes are a great source of carbs although it’s not as high as the latter.




While regular potatoes contain 37 grams worth of carbs sweet potatoes contain about 27 grams. That’s still enough to consume if you want to put on weight. You can simply cut them up into little pieces and bake them in the oven and eat them with a regular meal. Or if you want to use eating dessert as an excuse to gain healthy weight you could make sweet potato pie. I’m just kidding don’t do that (and you’re thinking about do it).







In Conclusion


You could either try a couple or all 5 types of good carbs to consume that were mentioned on this post. The objective is to gain healthy weight if you have a high metabolism. As long as you remember to always put your physical well being and your performance first by eating healthy and training hard then you’ll start to see results. If you liked this post and found it interesting leave your thoughts in the comment section and I’ll do my best to read them all.



As always remember to start and stay healthy & fit.




Jovan Vedrene