5 Types Of Push-Ups & Their Benefits

More Than One Way To Do Push Ups


Doing push ups may be one of the most basic body-weight exercises. Despite this fact push ups are also one of the most beneficial for your entire upper body. You may or may not be thinking “my ENTIRE upper body…how?”. Either way just stick around and keep reading to see what I’m talking about. In this post we’re going to discover at least 5 types of push-ups & their benefits. Like any calisthenics exercise these push-ups target multiple muscles within your body.



As you may already know you’ll only see the results in your performance with time, patience and consistency. So without further a do let’s take a look of at the 5 kinds of push ups and how they benefit you physically.





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1) Standard Push-Ups


Standard push-ups are just your regular type of push-ups where you straighten your body, go down and then push up. Also you have to make sure that your knees don’t touch the ground. If you already knew, great but if you didn’t and you plan on doing them properly, that’s even better. Doing at least 15-25 reps frequently will go a long way for your physical performance.




The benefits of doing standard push ups regularly will naturally target multiple muscles in one rep. So for instance, the muscles that’d be targeted would be-


  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Stomach (aka Abs)
  • Chest


I don’t know about you but those are a lot of muscles from just one type of push-up. Now imagine how you’ll fare when you do a variety of push ups. Even if you were to do at least 3 sets of 15-20 reps 3x a week for more than a month you’d see AND feel the results. Do go anywhere just yet because we still have to talk about the other 4 push-ups.







2) Diamond Push-Ups




To be honest these are a bit more difficult to do as opposed to doing regular push ups. If you were to do diamond push ups you have to make sure that you form your hands in the shape of a diamond on the ground. Once you do that then go down and push up like you would with regular push ups.




Doing these will make your muscles burn when you do them consistently. I would say that your best bet is to do somewhere around 15-20 (or 25) reps. The muscles that you primarily work when doing diamond push are-



  • Chest muscles
  • Deltoids
  • Triceps



So if anyone ever says that you can build muscles with only body-weight exercises, just tell them about at least 5 types of push ups and their benefits. Typically whenever I do diamond push-ups I’ll do 4 reps of 25 sets. It’s quite stressful on me physically but as the saying goes “no pain, no gain”.







3) Wide Grip Push-Ups



Wide grip push ups aren’t to different from regular push ups. You’re simply going to act as if you’re doing standard push ups with your arms spread apart. To be real though it’s just a little more difficult but it also has some awesome benefits.




Whenever you do wide grip push-ups you work the muscles such as


  • Deltoids
  • Chest muscles (Pectorals)
  • Stomach muscles (Abs)
  • Triceps


and contrary to using only weight, almost every calisthenics exercise focuses on working more than one muscle group. Think about it; one type of push up target at least 3 or more muscles in your upper body. So if you don’t have a gym membership that’s okay. Just start incorporating these push ups regularly and you’ll see your physical performance improve.







4) Clap Push-Ups


Man exercising outdoors. He is doing doing push-ups over the stairs.



Like the other push ups this one is pretty straightforward. While you’re pushing yourself up off of the ground you have to launch yourself in mid-air and clap before you touch the ground. Even though this exercise is straightforward that doesn’t mean that it’ll be easy. One you do know how to do clap push-up you’ll experience some major benefits.



Whenever you do clap push ups you’re exercising the following muscles in your body such as-


  • Your core
  • Traps
  • Deltoids
  • Triceps
  • Mid-section of your back muscles


These are actually probably the most fun push-ups, at least in my opinion. But in all seriousness when you take the benefits of these push ups into consideration it’s kind of hard not incorporate them into your routine.






5) One Arm Push Ups



These are the some of the hardest push-ups that you’ll ever come across. So if you feel like it’s nearly impossible to do don’t feel bad. I personally can do most of the push ups mentioned on this post but not one arm push ups (not yet anyways). Doing these bad boys require a combination of strength, control and endurance so it’s not everyday that you meet someone who’s like “Hey look at me doing one arm push ups



The most evident benefit of doing one arm push ups are just like the benefits of your standard push ups. For instance you benefit by working out your-


  • Deltoids
  • Pecs
  • Triceps
  • Abs


The objective that you want to achieve with these 5 types of push-ups and their benefits of course is to refine your performance. You may not be an athlete but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prioritize your ability to do basic movements.






In Conclusion


Now that you know of at least 5 types of push-ups & their benefits what’s your objective whenever you do them? Is it to bulk up and get that beach body? If so that’s not an inherently bad thing since no one want’s to be skinny or overweight. But however when doing any type of dieting or exercise why not develop the mindset of improving your health and physical performance.



I say that because if you always focus on your body you can set yourself up for discouragement. This typically happens if you don’t get the results that you desire. However if you shift your thinking to prioritizing your vitality and performance then you’ll always want to constantly overcome your limits.



So always remember to eat healthy with the intent of boosting your vitality and working out with the intent of improving your performance. And as always remember to stay healthy and fit.



Jovan Vedrene