6 Foods That Are High In Protein

list of foods high in protein


The Importance Of Integrating Protein Into Your Diet

“If you wanna build real, strong and bulky muscles…you better eat some meat.” You’ve probably heard that a lot in your life and with good reason too. Meat is high in protein and without it (protein), well lets just say that shredded body that you’ve always wanted won’t be coming to you anytime soon. Having said what if I told you that you can discover at least 6 foods that are high in protein and most of them are plant based? It’s true so stick around to find out more.




So for all of you who don’t have any foods with it especially if you have a high metabolism then you’d best be adding more foods that are rich in protein if you truly want to build muscle.



Now even though meat is commonly known to be high in protein, it’s not the only source. “Wait did I read that right? Meat isn’t the only source of protein? That’s a bunch of balony (no pun intended)“.



Hmph, not it’s not…at all; truth is that there are many other foods that you can eat that are high in protein and one of them has some much of it that it’s comparable to the grams of protein that you’d find in meat. If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan (I’m neither of those for the record) then you’ll be most pleased with what you’ll discover in this post. So here’s a list of 6 type of foods that has a sufficient amount of protein and only two of them we eat actually comes from animals.





Check out this post https://menshealthyfit.com/can-vegetarians-get-protein-without-meat/ about how vegetarians can still get protein without eating meat.





1) Lentils (The foods high in protein)

Lentils are a great source of protein it you want a meatless diet.



Lentils are basically part of the legume (members of the pea family) food groups and they come in a variety of colors like green, black, brown, red, orange and yellow.



If you’re not a fan of beans let alone lentils you might want to consider the health benefits and the amount of protein that it carries.



  • Over 100 calories (about 116 to be more specific)
  • 20 grams of carbs
  • Approximately 8 grams of fiber
  • 9 grams of protein



Did you miss how much protein lentils carry? Don’t continue reading until you stop, look at the amount that it carries and seriously think about that. 9 grams of protein and a reaaallllyyy good amount; especially if you want to build solid muscles. Also one thing to consider that this comes from a plant and not an animal.



Still not convinced that there are more ways to get the right amount of protein without consuming any meat? Well just keep reading to find out more ways to get this important muscle builder.


2) Black Beans

Well known not just for their taste but also for being high in protein.



Beans go really good with rice (if your ancestry is Mexican, Central American or even the Caribbean then you know what I’m talking about) . Beside the fact that black beans taste good and can make you pas gas (Eww that sticks badly) black beans are a great substitute for meat of you want to build a muscular physique. It’s true…in fact just take a look at some of the benefits they have to offer.




  • Approximately 24 grams of carbs
  • Over 20 mg (milligrams) of calcium (great for bone strength)
  • Around 60 mg of magnesium (also great for bone strength and density)
  • About 144 calories
  • Between 7-8 grams of protein




If you’ve already been eating black beans then you’ve already seen the benefits in your own life. But if you had no idea that it had THIS much protein then you might want to reconsider thinking if meat is the only way to go in terms of building muscle. No one is saying don’t eat meat, but what is true is that it’s not the only source of protein contrary to popular belief. If you’re still not quite convinced, you will be…you will be.


3) Greek Yogurt (Vegetarian foods high in protein)

Who doesn’t want to get protein from delicious yogurt…unless you’re allergic.



Okay, okay this is a pretty well known fact but if you didn’t consider Greek yogurt because you had absolutely zero idea that it actually has a lot of protein or you just kind of forgot well…your loss (just kidding). But seriously though if you have no idea just how much protein is in Greek yogurt well, you’ll probably as surprised or even more surprised than I was. But let’s take a look at the benefits along with the amount of protein that it carries.




  • High in calcium
  • Sufficient in probiotics
  • Naturally low in sodium (61 mg)
  • Only 0.7 grams of fat (that’s almost no fat…at all)
  • 17 grams of protein




“Wait! 17 grams of protein? Seriously!?” Yes really you read that correctly. That’s a lot of protein for something that has no meat in it. In fact if you wanted to you could seriously consider being a vegetarian. However, it’s not good to consume too much yogurt. Although it essentially comes from beneficial bacteria (according to medicalnewstoday.com), if you consume too much of it on a consistent basis, you can give yourself some serious digestive issues on a chronic level.



So if you don’t want that kind of trouble plaguing your body, then it’s best to consume yogurt in moderation. You see; you can be a vegetarian and still get your protein. So are you starting to change your view of how to get muscle from the 6 foods that are high in protein? Well just keep reading and you’ll see.











4) Quinoa (Healthy foods high in protein)

Another protein powerhouse that comes from the grain family.


“Wait qui…who. How do even say that?” I use to have a hard time pronouncing this word until relatively recently. But in all seriousness, this type of grain is not to be underestimated when considering the many health benefits INCLUDING the amount of protein that it carries. But for consider how your body will benefit when you incorporate this into your diet so that your fitness routine over all will benefit.



  • About over 200 calories
  • Approximately 34 grams of carbs
  • Almost 4 grams of fat (Hey some fat’s actually good for you)
  • Around 5 grams of fiber (Very essential for aiding the digestive system)
  • Around 8 grams of protein




Wow 8 grams. That’s unbelievable isn’t it. Now as stated before quinoa is in the grain family not the meat family, but yet has so much protein that you need for building and dense strong muscle. Now for the last two foods in this post one of them is a well known fact that it carries a lot of protein in it but the other is not a commonly known food that’s known as a protein powerhouse.









5) Eggs

Eggs are very well known to be a great source of protein.


Now personally I can’t stand eggs because they SMEELLL. But I have to admit eggs are a very nutritious type of food and it’s noteworthy of including this among 6 foods high in protein. So you may already you know the benefits of eating them but let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the benefits anyways.




  • Around 5 grams of fat
  • Over 100 mg of cholesterol
  • About 63 mg of potassium
  • Between 6-8 grams of protein




Now let’s be honest…eggs smell like sulfur. Okay I’ve never smelled sulfur but the point is that they smell. But like mentioned above they are very high in protein which as stated in the post is essential for having muscle density. But on a less smelly note check out this protein powerhouse that’s a legume. You may or may not have heard of it but once you read the benefits you’ll start to think “hmmm maybe I should diversify how I take in my protein”








6) Amaranth (A list of foods high in protein)




This legume is an extraordinary protein powerhouse in it’s whole, raw form.



If you’ve never heard of what amaranth then you’re not alone. In fact it turns out that not a lot of people know what this legume is and if they do, they rarely know the fact that it’s a protein powerhouse. When you see how much protein it can contain you’ll see why it’s mentioned among the 6 foods that are high in protein. With this grain you can eat it either raw or cooked but having said that here are some of the benefits if you were to consume it in its whole and raw form.

  • 127 grams of carbs
  • 8 mgs of sodium
  • 716 worth of calories
  • 26 grams of protein



These are just some of the benefits of consuming amaranth it’s raw and whole form. When consumed in it’s grain form it has 8-9 grams of protein according to https://foodfacts.mercola.com/. Are you still in disbelief? If so do your due diligence and find out more about these protein foods (especially amaranth). 



In Conclusion about the list of foods high in protein


Gorilla’s are one of the strongest mammals yet they don’t eat meat



If you still aren’t convinced that you can get the right amount of protein without meat…you’re crazy bub. Really though the aim is to consume and diversify how you get protein so as to build muscle.


So when I said earlier that you could be a vegetarian and/or vegan and still get your protein in I meant it.



Consider this fact before you decide to be a Debbie downer about how else you can get protein; when you look at animals such as silver-back gorillas, elephants, horses, rhinos and bison would you call these animals weak?



I certainly hope not because you’d be out of your mind. These animals are not only far from weak but they are also herbivores. Think about that some of the strongest animals on earth are vegetarians. So yes, it’s very possible to get your protein without eating meat but hey, I like eating my beef, fish, goat, lamb, boar etc.,. but I can very much build strength without them




Well those are the 6 foods that are high in protein and most mentioned on this post are plant based. In conclusion just remember to always stay healthy and fit. Also feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section about this over all subject.