7 Calisthenics Upper Body Workouts

Beginning An Upper Body Calisthenics Workout


Last time I discussed doing calisthenics the focus was on targeting your legs. And with good reason too since the muscles in your lower body are as essential as your upper body. This time we’re gonna learn about at least 7 calisthenics upper body workouts that you can use. Obviously there are more exercises that you can use for your upper body but for the sake of simplicity we’ll just stick to seven.



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1)  Push Ups (Calisthenics Upper Body)


Out of all of the 7 calisthenics upper body workouts this is a pretty straight forward exercise. You simply get into push up position, straighten your entire body, go down and then go up without bending your knees. As a side note you also want to make sure that you don’t touch the ground at all.



Even though this is a very straightforward exercise you’d be surprise how many different muscles are targeted. You’d also be surprised that push ups are one of the most versatile calisthenics exercises. When you do push ups the muscles in your upper body that’s being targeted are the following-



  • Chest muscles (Pectorals)
  • Shoulder muscles (Deltoids)
  • Triceps
  • Abdominal (Abs)
  • Obliques



See what I mean about how many muscles are targeted from doing push-ups. Concerning the amount of reps that you want to do it’s always best to to go for what you can take. For instance when I do push ups normally 5 sets of 25 reps of push ups. As mentioned before there are many different forms of push ups by for now you’ll read about only 2.




For more info about the benefits of doing push ups check out the post https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise/muscles-worked-push-ups






2) Dips (Upper Body Calisthenics Workout Routine)


Determined Sporty Man Doing Triceps Dips on Benches stock photo


Put simply, doing dips is like doing a backwards push up in mid-air (almost). Normally when doing these exercises it’s always best to get at least two sturdy object placed at the opposite end of each other. Place your hands on one object, your feet on the other in a straightened position, go down and the push up.



This is a very handy and useful exercise that you can do if you want to build strength in your upper body. Dips (in my opinion) are tougher than doing push ups but as the saying goes “no pain, no gain” right. Whenever you’re doing this exercise your targeting the muscles in your upper body such as-



  • Chest muscles
  • Deltoids
  • Triceps
  • Upper Back
  • Mid Back



See what I mean by one body-weight exercise can go a long way for your muscles. That’s the advantage of doing calisthenics. The only thing is that you won’t see progress right away with your physique contrary to weight lifting. The point however in doing any body-weight training (or any physical exercise for that matter) that you want to remember is to increase your physical performance. So don’t be to concerned about your physique because that’s just a result of how hard you train.



3) Biceps Curls With An Elastic Band (Calisthenics Workout)


Man with muscular fit torsoand attractive body in 40's exercising with resistance exercise bands in sports club gym. stock photo


Now when you think of bicep curls the first thing that comes to your mind is using dumbbells. But you can actually still do bicep curls without using weights. If you use an elastic band this is very possible and useful for your entire body, most specifically your biceps. Put simply, you use an elastic band exactly like you’d do bicep curls with weights.



Maybe you’re thinking that bicep curls or target your biceps, henceforth the name “bicep curls”. Much to your surprise bicep curls actually targets 3 of you muscles in your arms. For instance whenever you do them the muscles that are being worked are-



  • Biceps
  • Forearm muscles
  • Shoulder muscles



See, even something as simple as doing bicep curls with an elastic band can target multiple muscles in your body. So far we’ve covered 3 of the 7 calisthenics upper body workouts so stick around for the remaining 4.







4) Chest Press With A Resistance Band


One of the benefits of using a resistance band (or elastic band) is that you can use it for different types of exercises. For instance, if you wanted to focus on working out your chest you can simply do chest press’. One very effective way to do this with a resistance band is to attach it to a pole, pipe or some other upright object. When you attach the resistance band to your sturdy upright object pull on it repetitively so that your chest can feel that burn.



Whenever you do this exercise mainly your chest muscles are being worked (obviously). However to a certain extent even your triceps and shoulder muscles can feel the intensity. We could go on about the different types of exercises you can use with a resistance band. For now however we’ll just keep it at 7 calisthenics upper body workouts. We’ll save the former for another post, another week.







5) Planks (Upper Body Calisthenics Workout)


This exercises along with the other 7 calisthenics upper body workouts is quite simply, yet still difficult. “Huh? What does that even mean?” you may be wondering. Doing planks isn’t rocket science since you simple get in a plank-like position by holding your body with your forearms and feet. The only thing is that your knees CAN’T be bent and your back MUST be straight.



This exercise is great for targeting your entire abs. Holding it for a certain amount of time however is that hard part. For instance normally when I do planks I’ll do 4 sets of 80 secs planks. If you feel that you’re more than capable of doing more the please be my guess and push yourself.







6) Diamond Push-Ups


Young male athlete doing diamond push-ups at beach stock photo


Diamond push ups are one of the many variety of push ups that you can use. You simply put your hands together forming a diamond, get into push up position and, well, start pushing up and down.



These bad boys are great for targeting and putting pressure on multiple muscles in your upper body. When doing diamond push ups you’re targeting-



  • Triceps
  • Shoulder Muscles (Deltoids)
  • Chest Muscles (Pectorals)
  • Traps



Doing diamond push ups in my opinion is a lot harder than doing regular push ups. But both have their own benefits to which muscles you want to target. It all depends on what your preference is.







7) Forearm Curls With Resistance Band



Your forearms is something you NEVER, EVER want to neglect. The reason is because the muscles in your forearms are responsible for your grip strength. This is part of the reason why a lot of people who focus on doing calisthenics can control their body-weight so well. If they didn’t have strong forearms, they’d be lacking in their grip strength and in turn their body control.



For instance if you’ve ever seen someone do the human flag you probably wonder how the have so much control. A lot of that is attributed to their forearm strength that they’ve acquired.



If you wonder how you can workout your forearms with just a resistance band stick around. When you’re using an elastic band for your forearms what you’ll want to do is place your feet on the resistance band and flex your forearms with your wrist. Once you start to feel the burn in your forearms you’ll know that you’re bound to build grip strength.








To Conclude


Now that you’ve learned at least 7 calisthenics exercises for your upper body what your objective. Of course you’ll always want to exercise to build muscle and that’s normal. But always remember that whatever workout that you engage in you want to aim to improve your physical performance and vitality first. The “perfect body” will come only as a result of your massive training.



Anyways, those are 7 calisthenics upper body workouts. Tell me which ones are your favorite in the comment section below. And remember to start & stay healthy and fit.




Jovan Vedrene