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Hey what’s good & welcome to Men’s Healthy Fitness. I’m so glad you’re here in all honesty. My aim is to give some very relatable tips as well as legitimate insights into how you can have a very healthy lifestyle and gain functional strength through fitness training. I want to get you motivated not so much by bombarding you with facts and telling you “you need to eat healthy” or “work out consistently”, I’m sure you’ve heard that before. But I really want to show you how I’m able to use a healthy diet to help with my fitness workouts while at the same time progressing towards gaining functional strength.




So I was born in 1993 of December 23rd in Phoenix Arizona but raise in Chicago Illinois. My story’s kind of a funny and unique one. Since I was a child, I’ve always admired strength (in this case physical strength) and would love watching cartoons or people who had superhuman abilities.


One of my favorite cartoon characters was Goku from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. I always rambled about how strong he was and how he was always pushing his physical limits and always stayed fit and healthy. I’ll be honest, I even had a toy of this character and carried it with me cuz he was like that “symbol of strength” in my mind between ages 5-9 years old. Okay so on with the real world and why I’m interested into health & fitness as an adult.


So I’ve tried a series of different types of work outs because I’m so passionate about strength, but the thing is you’ll never be able to use true strength functionally with a poor diet and a lack of physical activity. I’ve played basket ball, I had an L.A. fitness gym membership and now I do calisthenics (body-weight exercises). I remember I was SUPER concerned about my physique, because the truth is well having a high metabolism can be a curse when you’re trying to put on weight (especially in muscle).



One time my uncle and I were talking about health and fitness and exercise, and you know what he told me? He said “Man don’t worry too much about looking big or cut. You just focus on that strength; cuz the second you get into a brawl and you slam someone bigger that you, people gonne be like ‘dude…where’d ol’ skinny boy get dat strength’ “.



For the record, my uncle looks like a freakin’ titan or Thor and that’s the advice that he gave me. Since then, my main concern has more so been about having a solid physical prowess and functional strength and not so much physique. I’m not saying stay slender or skinny, but my point is that you want to use a healthy diet and fitness to gain legit physical capabilities. Physical and mental disciple is the real cause you want to have for being healthy and fit, where as a muscular physique is just the effect of hard and consistent work.




So the reason why I want to help people (not to preach and ramble) is because life is too short to live a poor, unhealthy lifestyle, or too short to be overly concerned about how you physically look. All of us should strive to push and overcome our limits via discipline and hard work and ALWAYS stay healthy.



When I look at the society we live (in America at least), and dude…all of these fast food restaurants, all of the amount of people that are ridiculously sick because of a poor diet resulting in heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol it’s nuts.



I’m not conspiracy theorist but yo…it’s almost like the food and medical industry in this nation is deliberately trying to profit off of sick and unhealthy people. I’m not saying don’t go to the doctor AT ALL. But you certainly want to reduce your medical bill and your hospital visits. One of my uncles died from having a poor diet, I have family members with high blood pressure and most is not all of this can be traced to poor dieting and a lack of physical exercise. So ultimately I really just want to motivate people to have a healthy way of living.



We may not be physically perfect but that’s no reason to have a trashy diet because of garbage food and being inactive physically. A brief and profound insight: I saw a video presentation on which continent has the lowest rate of diabetes. You’ll never believe which one I’m going to mention (especially since media in the western world tends to paint of bad image of this continent). Can you guess the continent? No? Well it’s Africa. Shocking right? Everything they eat is fresh, not processed. So a legit and wholesome diet is essential to having a health vitality and being fit.





The goal of my site is really aimed towards us…men. That doesn’t mean women can’t benefit but I’m specifically speaking to a male audience. I want this site to personally help you to understand some key principles. 1) Physical prowess via fitness training is much more essential than physique, 2) Not being swole like the Hulk doesn’t make you weak or unhealthy & you don’t necessarily need dumbbells to be strong and build muscle, 3) We all can benefit from each other’s experience since, well let’s face it, what man doesn’t want to be healthy & fit. Plus having some muscles on us ain’t half bad right?



But I honestly hope that you benefit from the materials, stories, and routines from this site. And as you’re looking through this site develop a self-motivated attitude down the line towards you own health also. “Live & Prosper”…Peace!


Btw if you have any questions related to me or just the site in general leave me a comment or ask some questions for more info.


Jovan Vedrene