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The issue with trying to gain the “perfect body”


When you look at around at the society we live there’s a great deal of pressure to have the “perfect body”. For instance for women they ideal physique can range from proportionately slender to proportionately curvy. But women are not the only ones who feel the pressure to have the “perfect body”. Even if we don’t want to admit it the truth is that men also feel the pressure to have the ideal physique and for us that’s the pressure to be well built and muscular. A lot of guys approach men’s health and fitness with the intent of targeting our aesthetic look, but should we approach fitness to improve out performance?




Now no man wants to be skinny, slender, overweight or obese. In fact, virtually every man wants to have a muscular physique and that’s only natural. But the problem that comes with trying to have the ideal physique is that often times we put aesthetics over prioritizing our health and performance. Why is this a problem? Well every man has a different body type and often times when we strive to get the ideal physique but don’t get the results that we expected by a certain time we become easily discouraged.




So consequently on this site you won’t be told how to achieve the perfect body because the facts are is that nobody is perfect so no one will every have the perfect body (unless they had everlasting youth).




Having said that you’re going to learn the main objective of Men’s Healthy Fitness and who this site is for and who it is for not. But despite the things that will be mentioned in this post and this entire site everybody is welcome to read, share their thoughts in the comment section below of EVERY post every week.








The primary objective of Men’s Healthy Fitness


Men’s Healthy Fitness is meant to give you tips on improving your health & performance through healthy dieting and functional fitness. You may be saying “well duh everyone man knows to prioritize their vitality and performance when they workout and eat”, in theory we may know this but in practice what do we usually do? We got to the gym, workout for 45 mins-1 hour, go home and we look at the mirror to see our progress in our  aesthetics.




Lets face it, often times when we workout we wanna look good first before we focus on our physical performance (I’ve been guilty of this for a long time). Consider this the next time you’re about to start a workout; what do athletes, martial artists, firefighters, soldiers have in common? There are two or more major factors; they’re very shredded and huge and they constantly prioritize their health and performance over their aesthetic look.




So when you start your new diet and workout lifestyle refer back to these people to help you place your physical health and performance first and foremost. For more info on putting your performance first check out the post What A Vietnam War Veteran Taught Me About Health & Fitness For Men.







Who Men’s Healthy Fit is specifically meant for?


There’s a lot of misunderstanding as to why some people have the physique that they have. On the one side for guys who are slender or skinny “they don’t have any protein in their diet”. Or“they’re just lazy.” is another favorite people often say. However you know that’s not altogether true.




If your skinny, slender, overweight etc., then you’re exactly who Men’s Healthy Fitness wants to appeal to. Instead of worrying about having the ideal body you’ll be encouraged to focus on refining your healthy and performance through helpful & practical tips to benefit you personally & practically. You’ll see that the ideal physique is just a result of the hard work that comes through adopting good habits and developing self-discipline.




Personally I know what it’s like to feel like you need that perfect body to show off on the street or at the beach. But over time I’ve learned and still learning that self-discipline on the what you eat and how hard you train yourself physically is actually what’s most important in terms of your physical health.





Who Men’s Healthy Fitness is not targeting?


Now if you look like Thor or Captain America or even Wolverine then…well…obviously your not the person this site is aiming for. But you still are more than welcome to not only read this weekly post on this website but also share your thoughts so that others will benefit.




Case in point “healthy people don’t need a physician but ailing people do”. So if you know you’re already in shape then of course you don’t need this site. It’d be like asking someone who can walk if they need a physical therapist to teach them how to, well walk. Doesn’t that sound silly. But if you have anything to mention that would be helpful for everyone else to reap the benefits then by all means please share your experiences or your thoughts.









Getting into the habit.


The hardest parts about trying to improve your dieting and your performances typically can range from finding a diet and exercise program that’s right for you and getting into the habit of eating healthy and working out regularly. Concerning choosing the right diet well everyone’s body is different. For example, I not only have a lean-slender physique but I have a ridiculously high metabolism. In my case I would have to eat a lot of carbs and a ton of protein because not only do I have a high metabolism but I do calisthenics for fitness thus I burn energy very, very quick.




If you have a slow metabolism you probably feel that you need to cut back on the carbs and eat more fat killing foods. The point is that everyone’s body is different, so on this site you’ll be reading a variety of topics addressing different topics on health and fitness or offering different types of exercises or foods that can help you personally.




Regarding getting into the habit to having a healthy lifestyle, the best thing you can do is find out what diet works for you. When that happens exercise and train hard for an entire month. Once you exercise for about 3 days a week for an entire month or so and you use the right diet for about 30 days or so it’ll only be a matter of time until you adopt a lifestyle of health and fitness.





Hopefully you got a lot out of this post and what to expect from the website in the future. If you liked this post then go ahead and share your thoughts in the comment section below and visit this website for more weekly post.



Remember to become and always stay healthy and fit,



Jovan Vedrene