Always Start By Improving Your Diet!

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Improving Your Diet Is Essential

Ok, so you wanna start exercising to prolong your physical well-being and just feel great, or you just want to be in tip top shape. Maybe you want to be in basket-ball shape, foot-ball shape or even in dancing shape. Whatever shape you want to be in the most crucial thing is to always start by improving your diet.


Those are all really important physical activities that require a great measure of conditioning first. So your reason for getting into some sort of fitness training is very, very well placed. But if you want to see legitimate results there’s one very significant thing that you ABSOLUTELY must take seriously.


Can guess what it is? Yes? No? Maybe? Yes that’s…it’s your diet. As the saying goes “you are what you eat” and depending on what you eat, this can have a real impact on your performance and how you exercise be it good or bad.

If you’re wondering where to start that’s normal. The first thing you could (probably should) do is writing a list of food groups from the food pyramid and go buy them. Seriously…it’s really that simple. This way you can etch into your mind on what you should be eating. Okay so on with the point; here’s the food groups you MUST incorporate into your everyday diet…







Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables…Seriously!

The importance of eating your veggies.

So if you’re human (which is obvious since you’re on this site about Men’s health & fitness right now) then you’ve more than likely been told by your parents and your doctor “eat your veggies is you wanna be strong. Well what the

y told you was and is still true because this is something you NEVER want to overlook when trying to become and STAY healthy.


Adding a mixed diet of fruits and vegetables is suuper effective in preventing cancer, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and that’s just to name only a few benefits. Vegetables for the most part are low in fat and calories and many of them are rich in potassium, calcium (such as dark green veggies) and magnesium.


The best thing to do if you want to have a good and quality diet is to integrate the type vegetables you eat in order to reap their benefits to the full. Start off buy adding the following like…


  • Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach.
  • Carrots, red beets, radish, asparagus.
  • Onions (red, yellow & green) & leeks.
  • Yellow, blue, red, golden & Idaho potatoes.
  • Green beans, red kidney beans, black beans.
  • Bell peppers (yellow, green & red), jalepanoes, habenaroes.
  • Corn, squash…


And these are just some of the vegetables with the many, many benefits to enhance your diet and vitality. Though these aren’t all the veggies our world has to offer, you want to keep in mind that one of the principles to getting the full benefits is to diversify the veggies you eat.


Never leave out a sweet AND healthy diet.


Fruits such as guava are also very, very effective in not just fighting but getting rid of diabetes and regulating your blood pressure. It also contains vitamins A, B, C, fiber, magnesium, calcium (both which are very good for building bone density) & potassium.


Much like vegetables, fruits are also very effective to strengthening your immune system and reducing the risk of getting heart disease (as mentioned before), caner, the common cold, the flu and other short and long term ailments.


Much like eating your veggies, if you want to reap the benefits fully you have to eat a variety of fruits such as:



  • Apple (green, yellow & red), pears, pineapples, grapes (green, black & red).
  • Oranges, lemons, lime & kiwis.
  •  Bananas, mangoes, papaya, guava.
  • Dragon fruit, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.
  • Tomatoes, avocados.
  • Watermelons, honeydew & antelope…



Now you see what I’m getting at? Those are some of the MAJOR health benefits from some of the produce mentioned in this article so imagine if YOU personally incorporated them into your diet. You can eat these foods as solids or you can blend them into a juice at home.


But either way when you add fruits and vegetables into your diet it’ll greatly affect your health for the better which will have a positive impact on your fitness.










There’s More Than One Way To Get Protein (Eating Healthy Diet Plan)

The great benefits of ALWAYS eating protein.


So this is the most favored method to having a positive impact on our health and fitness overall (with good reason too) which is well you guessed it, eating foods high in protein. Lean meats such as salmon, tuna, turkey, chicken when combined with exercising is extremely essential for building muscle. That’s because protein is how we gain muscle mass and meat is one of the best ways to get a good amount of protein (and hey, what man doesn’t want a lean muscular physique).


Yes, yes we all know the most popular belief is the “it’s almost impossible to build muscle if you don’t eat meat”, but did you know that there are other methods to getting protein to building muscle.


This is going to sound really nuts but if you wanted to use these other foods as a way to get your protein you honestly to be a vegetarian and stay that way (assuming you have the willpower and discipline anyways). Foods like…


  • Greek yogurt,
  • black beans,
  • eggs,
  • lentils,
  • tofu,
  • peanut butter,
  • milk,
  • almonds
  • chickpeas


are to name some of the bountiful food proteins that are not meat. Other protein substitutes like quinoa and amaranth has as many grams of protein comparable to meat. Told you this would sound really nuts.


So essentially you could either eat meat or eat the protein substitute type foods mentioned above in order to build muscle. It’s honestly up to you the individual. The principle is to consume foods rich in protein to build muscle and you can do that on an omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan diet. To improve your fitness routine eating foods high proteins are one of the best ways you can start by improving your diet.





If you’re curious about the many ways of getting protein read the post by clicking the link





Carbs & Dairy Aren’t Your Enemies…At All (Healthy Diet Food List)


Good carbs & dairy are not your enemy

Yes, you read correctly. Along with dairy and as long as it’s in moderation and it’s not unhealthy, carbs are actually just as necessary to having healthy diet (especially if you have an abnormally high metabolism. It’s not all that cracked up to be). Grains such as the following…


  • oats,
  • bread
  •  rice
  • pasta
  • barley
  • amaranth
  • wild rice
  • brown rice


& certain cereals have healthy and good carbs which also consist of fiber and the body desperately needs this if you want to control your weight and clean your colon.


So in truth you definitely want to consume whole grain food groups because not only are they healthy carbs but they’re very effective for regulating your blood sugar. This will help aid you digestive system and keep your appetite in tact. As a result this can potentially also keep your cholesterol in it’s proper place. Henceforth it’s okay to consume a diet that has carbs but as long as it’s good carbs. In fact if you have a high metabolism then this is a great way to start improving your diet.








Bottom Line

Am I a doctor? No…A nutritionist? Nope…A physical therapist? Not at all…And although I’m none of these bright people, these are the foods that I eat veeerrry frequently to make sure that my health is in tact. Therefore if you’re health is in poor condition then your fitness and performance will be compromised.




So from experience I know that having a wholesome diet is critical for having a healthy vitality, which will make your fitness routines much more effective. So always remember that you are what you eat. Anyways those are the reasons to always start by improving your diet. If you have a wholesome diet you’ll be a healthy person but if you have a poor diet then your health will be greatly compromised.



Always stay healthy, fit and strong…And Always start by improving your diet before you start any workout plan.



Jovan Vedrene.