Benefits I’ve Experienced By Walking Frequently

health benefits of walking

A very simple & effective form of exercise


Have you ever felt like “OMG I HATE DRIVING!!!”? Well that’s normal because in actuality sitting in a steel box going 80 mph constantly to and from without ANY form of exercise is not normal. I understand we need a car to go to work and stuff but have you ever asked yourself “Man when was the last time I took a nice, long walk?” As you read this post my objective is to help you see some benefits I’ve experienced by walking frequently.




It might have been a while since you last took a stroll but if you walk frequently that’s super. If it’s one thing that I do out of both necessity and desire it’s walking…like a lot. Often times I get a lot of people ask me what got me walking so much, for how long do I walk, how far do I often walk for and how frequently do I walk for? We’ll if you’ve neglected walking then hopefully my experience will change your mind.





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What got me started?


Now I live in San Diego, CA (for now) and believe when I say that you…need…a…car. Walking is not quite something that you’d think that you can do in such a wide spread city. But despite that fact, in can be done repeatedly. But regarding what got me into the habit of walking frequently it all started one day when I was lying in bed, I had been fired from my job (on false accusation…not that it matters…anymore) and I was just sitting in my bed depressed.



Fortunately I had some family members to strengthen me and convince me to get out of bed. But instead of staying in the house just playing video games I just took these crazy long walks. When I mean long I might as well have been on an odyssey. I would start off small like walking a couple of blocks and then I would walk miles for hours.




After walking so frequently for I had just began to notice the major physical and mental benefits that I’ve developed. Walking gave me a great amount of endurance physically by strengthening my blood circulation all throughout not only my legs but also my entire body. The other benefits I’ve experienced were that I had so much time to reflect on my life that the amount of self-reflection that I’ve done built and solidified my mental endurance. Even though that was a simple form of exercise it gave helped me in some of the most fundamental ways essential to a person’s well being.







 (Health benefits of walking regularly) How often I’ll walk for?


Honestly I don’t have a set schedule for how often I’ll walk for. But if I actually paid attention and kept track of how often I walked for I’d say it was (still is for the most part) is about 2-3 days weekly.




Like I said before I don’t have a set schedule because, well I just go on walks spontaneously. The fun part about walking is that I really took the time to explore and understand my surroundings which is something that I couldn’t get from driving. The best part of walking spontaneously is that you just find the most random places in your vicinity and a lot of those places can be fun depending on where you live.





How long are my walks? (Health benefits of walking 2 hours a day)


Now there have been many benefits I’ve experienced by walking frequently, but how I get the most out of this simple exercise is by taking nice long strolls. I’ve gotten a lot of people ask me how long do I normally walk for which is a great question. The average time that I’ll spend walking will be at least for 2-3 hours. Sometimes they’ll be for as long as 5 hours. Yeah, yeah that’s a long time but it’s really about the experience and the benefits that you’ll get.




Typically walking for a long time will help you relieve a lot of stress and anxiety that I have to deal with. I mean hey the world is a cold place and can really suck the life out of you. One of the best things that’s helped me to cope was to walk for a long period of time and then reflect and find my balance.




You don’t have to walk for 5 hours. That’s just something that I did because I felt like it and as my mom says “Jovan just loves the great outdoors”. I mean who wants to stay inside all the time when the weather is almost always in the 70s and 80s. And plus, I don’t walk aimlessly but I walk to specific places with something precise in mind.







How far are my walks?


Another benefit I’ve experienced by walking frequently is also based off of how far I’ll walk also. But just how far will I go for a stroll in the great outdoors anyways? Let’s just say well, they’re unfathomably far…just kidding. But seriously though the furthest I’ve walked going to a specific location was from my old neighborhood in Chicago to my mom’s job in downtown. To give an idea of how for that really is well it’s 10 miles. Every time people hear that their reaction is “WHHHAAAATTT!!!!”.




And to be honest that is really far. Despite the distance that I traveled it was a tremendous source of exercise. I didn’t even think that I could do it to be honest but I did. I remember when I first walked about 7 miles I literally felt like I was gonna start walking on the air because my legs were so tense. One thing that I learned though from walking so many times is that many times your body will tell you “I can’t keep going on” but your mind will say “yes you can keep going…now get going”. A lot of times with any exercise even if it’s walking half of the time you not only feel like you’re being physically pushed but you also feel a mental push as well.




Even when your body wants to give up learn to adopt the mind over matter mentality. You’ll be surprised what you can do after walking on the regular.






How you can reap the health benefits of walking regularly


Now what does me walking have to do with you? Well when you take a look at the era we live in, often times technology, cars, video games become distractions. Now those things aren’t inherently bad but they can become major distractions. Often times technology can and does cause us to neglect even the most basic yet essential exercise like walking.




Before you take your nice fancy car for a ride why not try walking to your next location. You’d be surprised what you’d find along your stroll. If you’re stressed out and annoyed instead staying in the house why not take a walk. You’d be very surprised of the mental benefits that you’ll get from doing something so simple.




When you think about it we really take for granted that walk without the aid of any tools. Some people can’t walk because their handicapped but even that doesn’t stop them from staying active. So never take a simple but meaningful exercise like walking for granted. Once you get into the habit, you’ll be glad that you read this post. Those are some of the benefits I’ve experienced by walking frequently. I hope you got something out of this subject.




Thanks for reading this post; don’t forget to share your thoughts be they questions, opinion or just your over all experiences related to the topic.



As always start being and stay healthy & fit…



Jovan Vedrene