Eat, Train & Sleep Like A Saiyan

What The Heck’s A Saiyan?


Now you may have been thinking that the second you saw the title. If you’re an anime fan and more specifically for the Dragon Ball franchise then I don’t need to explain it to you. For those of you who have ZERO idea what a Saiyan is I’ll just go ahead and explain. A Saiyan is just a fictitious alien race from planet Vegeta. Instead of ranting and raving about Dragon Ball let’s just focus on how you can eat, train & sleep like a saiyan.




In a nutshell these aliens are a warrior race and like any soldier all they do is TRAIN VIGOROUSLY. So having said that how do they approach fitness and how can you adopt this same mindset? Essentially the way they approach health & fitness is that they eat…a lot, train very, very hard and they get lots of sleep. Let’s start with the very 1st method which is eating a lot.










1) Eat Lots Of Food


Okay, okay check this out if you have a fast metabolism (an ectomorph) then you’ll absolutely what to read this part. As someone who’s an ectomorph you’re going to burn a lot more energy than the average person. To make things even more complicated if you’re going to do calisthenics with the purpose of gaining functional strength then you’ll need to eat a lot more meals. Not to mention that when you eat those meals you’ll need to consume more portions.




The first thing you should start with is eating a really big and healthy breakfast. You’ll want to eat one that consist of about of carbs such as


  • pancakes
  • oatmeal
  • french toast
  • potatoes
  • meat
  • fruits & vegetables
  • Toast


The same goes for eating lunch too. You’ll want to eat a lot of carbs, protein and produce like


  • Sandwiches
  • Salad
  • Potato salad
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Smoothie or fruit shake



After eating a big meal you’ll want to eat an extra snack or drink a shake because you’ll keep burning energy. That may sound like a lot of food but if you have a high metabolism you’ll want to take eating big meals into consideration. In fact this is how you can eat, train & sleep like a saiyan, and even if they’re not real eating big meals and healthy snacks will have real results for your health. If your health is effected so will your fitness for better or worse.





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2) Train Vigorously


Since they’re a race comprised of warriors all they do is train day in and day out. Even though they are fictitious, saiyans train not with the intent of improving their physique but with their performance. Now on a more less fictitious note one way you can improve your performance is through calisthenics.



Calisthenics consists mainly on using your body-weight so you’ll want to really push yourself physically. Try these exercises the next time you’re going to start working out


Lower Body

  • 50 reps squats (3-5 sets)
  • 25 reps scissor lunges (3-5 sets)
  • 150 reps jumping rope (3-5 sets)
  • 50 reps calf raises (3-5 sets)


Upper Body

  • 30 reps push-ups (3-5 sets)
  • 30 reps bicep curls with elastic band (3-5 sets)
  • 25 reps shoulder push ups (3-5 sets)
  • 30 reps dips (3-5 sets)
  • 50 reps forearm curls (3-5 sets)



Whenever you’re doing these basic body-weight reps don’t do them with the intent of getting the “ideal physique”. In terms of aesthetics doing calisthenics is slower to showing results as opposed to weight lifting. Instead what you really want to do is train vigorously with the intent of increase your attributes such as your speed, strength, agility etc.,. How sayians approach health & fitness isn’t with the intent of having the best body but with the objective of overcoming their physical limits. You’ll want to eat a large dinner meal after a workout to replace the energy that you’ve burned from training.




They may not be real but training hard to improve your performance is no fictitious matter. After all your ideal body will come as a result of training vigorously. Technically since humans aren’t a race entirely of warriors you can’t literally eat, train and sleep like a saiyan. You can however eat large portions, train vigorously and sleep like a baby to stabilize your health & fitness.











3) Get Plenty Of Sleep


This is the best part of them of them all. After a major training session you get to sleep like a baby. Even though it’s important to eat a lot and train hard you never want to neglect resting sufficiently. Sleeping not only builds your brain but it also builds your muscles after a hard workout.



For the average adult human (since we’re not aliens with superhuman strength) we need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. This is not something that you ever want to skip since you’ll compromise progress by sacrificing sleep. Depending on when you work out and how long you work out for going to sleep early and waking up 8 hours after will not only be mentally refreshing but also physically invigorating.



I don’t think I need to tell you how to sleep since virtually anyone can do that. In any case the goal in all of this is to eat, train and sleep like a saiyan, or human if you want to be technical.










To Conclude (Train Like Of Saiyan)


No we’re not some warrior race with a tail & superhuman strength. But the goal and key to boosting our health and performance is to eat a ton of healthy food, train really hard & sleep like a baby. The eating part is super crucial especially if you’re body type is that of an ectomorph. You don’t want to just eat only but you also want to use that energy by training via the use of calisthenics.



We’re not saiyans but we’re not robot either therefore we need to rest sufficiently. The best thing you can do after a workout is either take a nap or sleep the whole night away. Just remember whenever you’re doing anything for your health & fitness always eat, train & sleep like a saiyan (or human if you want to be literal). 



Hopefully you got a lot out of this post and from a bunch of fictitious beings. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section & as always remember to stay healthy & fit.




Jovan Vedrene