From Barely Doing 1 Push-Up To Doing Them With Ease

We Could Barely Do 1 Push Up


When we were in school me and my brother had to do various physical tests in gym class. The push-ups test were not my favorite since I could barely do one. As for my brother, well, he wasn’t very successful at doing one either. In fact, when I say we could barley do ONE push-up I’m not exaggerating. But instead of moping about how “push-ups suck because we can’t even do them” we did what any driven person would do. We trained constantly because we were not gonna go through middle school say “I still can’t do a push-up”. Thanks to our diligent training we went from barley doing 1 push up to doing them with ease.




There were about three tricks we used to help us leverage the ability to doing way more than just one push up. Before we get started keep in mind there are still a lot of adults that can’t even do one push. Granted they’re not easy to do but once you can do them regularly you’ll thank your body down the line.




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We Started With Wall Push Ups


Now that’s embarrassing. Just kidding not really. Doing wall push ups to a great extent put a lot of pressure on our muscles. In fact we would do somewhere around 25 to 30 wall push ups everyday. What this did for us was condition our body to getting use to doing standard push ups.




I’m not sure how many sets my brother would do but as far as I remember I’d do somewhere around 2 sets of wall push ups. The other thing that it aided in was building functional strength especially since I was so skinny at that time. I’ve had some of my classmates scoff whenever I did them in gym because in their mind it’s never help me with the push up test.




Little did they know however that they’d be in for a rude awakening when the push up test came. Especially since I went from barely doing one push to doing 26 push ups in just 3 months. I’ll talk about that in detail later though. For now we’ll move on to the next method we used to help improve us with doing push ups.







Holding Ourselves In Push-Up Position


Let’s keep it candid, if you can’t even hold your body in push-up position then you’ll have a hard time going down and up repeatedly. That was part of our problem (We’ll mine at least). Since holding my body in push up position was difficult as it was difficult as it was what solution did I have? Well when I suggested that the best thing to do is hold ourselves in push up position we did that constantly.




That was one of the best thing that we could’ve done to get our muscles use to holding our body-weight. The amount of time that I’d hold myself in push up position was somewhere around 15-20 secs. My brother however took a different approach. What he’d do was hold himself up for a certain amount of time and then go down and hold himself in that position.




Like I mentioned before this was one of the best methods that we could’ve done. If we didn’t use the method of holding ourselves into push-up position, well, I can’t that we’d have much success doing push ups. This is due to the fact that holding yourself in push up position is probably the first step to doing standard push ups. Now of course there are probably a multiple amount of methods that we could’ve used. However using the techniques mentioned in this post was a crucial factor that helped us from barley doing 1 push-up to doing them with ease.







Using A Piece Of Furniture To Hold Our Feet While Doing Push Ups


This was equally as effective as using the other two methods mentioned in this post. Why do I say that? This was the key that catapulted our capability of an actual push-up. Like with anything however you have to practice consistently in order to get good at something. Take for example cooking; if you want to make a specific meal you need to get good at using the recipes. In the same sense for us (me especially) in order to go from barley doing 1 push-up to doing them with ease we needed to use these methods constantly.





Since I mentioned that you can only get good at something through practice that’s exactly what I did with this technique. The first time I used a piece of furniture to hold my feet in the air I’d do about 15 reps. Eventually when 15 became to ease I moved it up to 25, then 30, then past 35. Then after all of that practice came the big test at school.




The day that my brother did the push ups test he blew his peers away. He went from barley doing a couple of push-ups to doing more than 30 of them. Obviously I wasn’t there because we’re 1 year in a half apart so I only heard about it. But now came my time to do the push ups test. As soon as my gym teacher said the words “GO” I did push ups like I was launching a rocket. Everyone’s faces were in such shock that they literally were speechless. That’s because months before I could barely do one. But that all changed after I used those methods and did 26 standard push-ups in total.




I gotta say that was one of the best feeling EVER as a 6th grader. That was the day I literally went from barley doing 1 push-up to doing them with ease.






In Conclusion


If you don’t know how to do a push (which a lot of people don’t) that’s okay…kind of. The truth is that you have to LEARN to do push. I mean your not gonna do push ups coming out of the womb. So in a nutshell all we did was do wall push ups, hold ourselves in push up position and use a piece of furniture to hold our feet in the air.



Here’s the real important part though; push ups like with anything should be engaged with the intent of refining your performance. In fact it you look at the army, their physical performance level is crazy. Do you think they got that way be prioritizing their physique? No way Jose. Your health & performance no matter what you do is far more valuable than you’re physique.



Anyways that’s my story of how we went from barley doing 1 push-up to doing them with ease. Share your thoughts in the comment section about how this related to you. If it didn’t then share some tips you used to improve your push-ups.



Remember to always stay healthy & fit.




Jovan Vedrene