Health & Fitness From My Uncle’s View


What Got My Uncle Into Fitness?


One day when I was in Arizona with my cousins and my uncle he was telling us what got him into fitness. I should mention that my uncle grew up in a really  rough neighborhood in Chicago. One day when he was around 12 years old him and his brothers got into a melee with these 2 goons in their neighborhood. They way my uncle described their brawl was that it was the worst beating he and his brother had ever experienced. When he retold the story from his perspective he said “I vowed to myself that I’d never go through something like that again…EVVVEEERR!!!” So unlike most men health & fitness from my uncle’s view was slightly different. In fact just from that one event he started to workout constantly.



Health & fitness from my uncle’s view is quite different than the average man. In fact, he actually approaches it with the mindset of an athlete. Unlike how many approach health & fitness with the primary intent of bulking up he approaches his routine with the objective of sharpening his performance.





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My Uncle’s Approach Towards Exercising (Building Functional Strength)



One day while I was staying in Arizona me, my cousins and my uncle were all talking extensively about how he got into working out. After his melee in Chicago as a kid he started to constantly train himself rigorously. For example, every time a commercial would come on he would do push ups. When he wouldn’t watch TV he would be lifting weights and mix in some calisthenics workouts.



Mind you at the time my uncle wasn’t as muscular then as he is now. But despite this fact he didn’t care to much about looking strong as opposed to avoid taking a beating. Since his approach towards exercising was more about sharpening his performance being able to take 5 or more people in a brawl was better than looking like Thor in his mind.



So as a result of his constant and diligent training he got exactly what he wanted. Despite being lean people in my uncle’s school and neighborhood eventually thought twice about trying to fight him. Every time they did try to fight him they’d lose disgracefully so. My uncle attributes this to him prioritizing his physical performance to aid him in a melee because he lived in such a bad neighborhood. In fact he told something that I’d never forget regarding how I should approach fitness.








His Recommendation On How I Should Approach Fitness (Improve Physical Performance)




While I was in Arizona I was talking with my uncle about bulking up. I was telling him I was tired of being skinny so I asked him what he did to bulk up. His response wasn’t the answer I wanted but it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. What he said was “Look nephew don’t get to caught up in tryna look big. Just keep doin’ what you do best, push yourself physically. I guarantee you the second someone tries to flex you and you slam ’em people gonna be like ‘dude, where’d he get that strength’ “.



His point in saying that was to approach fitness with the intent of refining my physical attributes such as


  • strength
  • power
  • speed
  • agility
  • flexibility
  • stamina
  • techinique


In other words be like Bruce Lee…just kidding. But seriously though what he wanted me to understand was that size wasn’t as important as your performance. Even though I initially didn’t agree at 1st it was exactly what I need to hear. Although I’m more on the lean side the way I approach health and fitness is no longer with the intent of bulking up.








Bottom Line


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My uncle wasn’t saying don’t be muscular or bulky. I mean if you saw this guy you’d think he was a titan. It’s normal especially for men to want to be on the muscular side. However what he was trying to emphasize was that even the thinnest people can show surprising signs of strength. Much like his stories of growing up in Chicago and constantly fighting your physical vitality and performance is much more important than your appearance.



So that’s health & fitness from my uncle’s view. If you liked this post leave your thoughts in the comment section and stick around for more post. Always remember that health & performance always come first.



Stay health & fit



Jovan Vedrene