Here Are 4 Basic Ways I Stay Fit

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Welcome to the blog page of this site. This is where you’ll be reading either mine or other people’s stories & experiences about what they personally use to stay healthy and how it affects their overall fitness routine and lifestyle. Through these experiences you’ll also find out from personal experiences the best ways to stay fit. For now without further a do here are 4 basic ways I stay fit consistently on a regular basis.







ALWAYS STRETCH (Best Ways To Stay Fit)

One thing that I almost ALWAYS do almost every time before I start my day is that I stretch for about 10-15 mins. Lots of people have called me weird or laughed at me for adopting this routine into my everyday life (I guess exercising is laughable too seeing that you should ALWAYS stretch before you do any physical activity). Before I started doing this, I use to just do whatever workout or any physical activity I felt like doing WITHOUT stretching.



I would get so many muscle cramps and stiffness in my legs and arms and my chest. Surprisingly I didn’t tear any muscles. But once I started dancing (I started when I was 15)  my whole physical performance completely changed and thankfully I haven’t torn any muscles & have rarely cramped up. But here’s why you…must…stretch…everyday! Besides feeling good when you stretch there are multiple physical benefits…


  • You build muscular capacity and retain your physique for a longer period of time.
  • Increased blood flow as a result of expanding your circulation.
  • Increased flexibility making bending or moving in uncomfortable positions more bearable.
  • Reduces the risk of injury (Reduces not nullifies)
  • Overall establishes a baseline for your physical performance.


I’m sure there are more benefits to stretching than the ones mentioned above. However, you get the point I hope. Stretching builds and increase not just the foundation for your physique but your PERFORMANCE!! The incentive to your fitness lifestyle is to ultimately increase your physical health & performance first and physique second. If you haven’t been stretching then you’d be wise to start. Take it from me, it’s one of the best things that I’ve done and will keep doing.




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NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST (Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy)


Okay, so this is seemingly obvious I mean breakfast is the most important meal of the day. BUT the crazy thing is that lots of people neglect breakfast. I’ve done it before, some of my friends and acquaintances have done it and so have lots of other people. This is something you absolutely never want to do especially if you want to have a healthy diet for the following reasons…


  • Eat a really nutritious breakfast in the morning and you’ll have more energy thought the day.
  • Consume the right amount of foods in the morning and you’ll have a great intake of fiber, vitamin C & calcium.
  • Getting a higher intake of protein, vitamin A & B.
  •  When you eat breakfast you’ll likely feel like hungry throughout the day because of what you ate, which will help regulate your weight and appetite.


Now depending on what you eat for breakfast you’ll see these benefits and even more than the ones mentioned above. If you’re wondering what you should eat for breakfast then try these suggestions…


  • Bananas, strawberries, blueberries apples & oranges.
  • Pancakes, oatmeal, cereals (high in fiber and lower in sugar), french toast & waffles (My Favorite!!)
  • Bell peppers (green, red or/and yellow), potatoes, onions, asparagus.
  •  Ground beef, sausages & bacon (turkey especially since it’s lean meat).
  • Drink plenty of water.


Now depending on your metabolism be it fast or slow you either want to include all of these or only a few into your daily breakfast routine. In any case don’t…skip…BREAKFAST!! Unless you want to do your body a disfavor. In fact eating a hearty breakfast is the most crucial out of the 4 basic ways I stay fit









Now you’ve probably heard this before, but let me be specific. You might be thinking “I don’t have a gym membership so where or how should I start?” To be honest it’s best if you started by going on either or really long walks. This is something that I love doing and in the age of modern technology especially with cars, this is something that’s often times overlooked as a legit way to exercise and stay strong and fit. When you walk frequently you’re doing some of the things as follows…


  • Building and strengthening leg muscles.
  • Reducing your level of stress allowing you to maintain your psychological health.
  • Building your endurance and stamina.
  • Losing excess weight and maintaining your physique.
  • Building your circulation in turn strengthening blood flow.


I’ll give an example via a quick story regarding how walking will certainly benefit you personally. One time I was with some friends in downtown San Diego, CA and we BARELY did any walking around. When I suggested we walk to a nearby restaurant one guy was like “dude we walked like a mile man. I’m tired yo.” Mind you this guy’s built like Captain America and he can barely walk “1 Mile”. The truth is we actually walked half a mile (about 4 blocks).


The reason why I didn’t tire is because of the fact that I walk…a lot. So I don’t physically tire to easily and this is one of the many benefits of walking. So even in the age of cars, please (I’m begging you) don’t neglect the importance of using those two legs, and getting from one place to another that we call walking. It’s suuuper rewarding. So if you don’t have a gym, just go for a nice long stroll. Even though it’s simple walking is one of the most effective out of the 4 basic ways that I stay fit.








Calisthenics (Body-weight Exercises) is a very, very great way to truly build and increase your physical performance and your over all health. It’s also one of the best of the 4 ways to stay fit. Now, now you may be thinking “There’s noooo way to build muscle or strength with just your body-weight”…OH REALLY!? If that’s why what truly think then consider these types of people who ONLY use their body weight whenever they do any fitness routine.


  • Gymnast
  • Martial Artist (For the most part)
  • Many Soldiers in the military
  • Lots of dancers (especially urban dancers)


Take a look at all of these people and ask them how they build strength and muscle. Most of them will they you that they do body weight training. The key is that you must be diligent so that you can reap the benefits. Now when you use calisthenics as your method of training you are effectively working your on…


  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Durability
  • Endurance
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Dexterity
  • Stamina
  • Power


Now if you consider using dumb bells are your way of building strength and muscles it’ll definitely work and you’ll see much quicker progress vs if you did calisthenics. The reason why I say that is because calisthenics burns energy veeerrryy fast; so it’s harder to build muscle. On the other hand the use of dumb bells focus on one specific area on your body and performance, whereas body-weight training focuses on multiple areas of your physical capabilities and your muscles. Case in point is that calisthenics is one of the 4 basic ways I stay fit and it’s super effective.





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If you still not sure where to start regarding your health and fitness, begin with stretching for about 10-15 mins and eat a wholesome breakfast. About 2 days out of the week you want to take a brisk walk, or you can walk like you’re on an odyssey. Then the next thing you want to include is body-weight training (if you don’t have a gym membership). The principle is to have a strong vitality via a good diet and to training effectively, increasing your physical performance.


Think about it, want to be an intelligent man what do you have to do? Read, apply what you read, gain practical experience and always keep learning. So in the same since you have to see you physical capabilities and your health in the same light. Well those are at least 4 basic ways I stay fit


So always remember to stay healthy, fit and keep getting stronger.



Jovan Vedrene


If you felt that this post can help you personally or if there was something that you don’t totally agree with, share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’ll try to read them all.