How I Got Into Doing Calisthenics?

get into calisthenics


The Relation Between Doing Calisthenics & Dancing


It was in the summer of 1990…just kidding I was born in 1993. But in all seriousness in 2009 around the spring or summertime (I can’t really remember) I saw a documentary called Planet B-boy. Basically it’s a documentary about break-dancing and hip-hop culture, but after watching it like a million times I was so amazed and inspired that I started getting into breakin’ myself and would just get a mat in the boiler room behind my bedroom and start dancing. Unbeknownst me how ever this play a key role in how I got into doing calisthenics.



Eventually I started adopting another style of dancing and incorporated it into my breakin’ routine…but then I went on a hiatus unintentionally (Dang I really miss dancing). But what does this have to do with getting into calisthenics? Well when you’re getting into any type of dance, especially bboying (break-dancing) all you use is your body-weight and believe me when I say you’re going to use every muscle in your body.



Now having said that this is actually a major if not the major reason why I started doing calisthenics. I got into body-weight exercises so that I can learn to use and control my entire body more effectively so that when I practiced or went to a competition (to freestyle not participate…not yet anyways) I could have little to no issues doing the most crazy moves that mainly calisthenics could help me achieve.







When I Started To Get Into Calisthenics?


The funny thing is that I just started using my body-weight for fitness on a consistent basis recently. To be honest I was off and on about it due to a lot of factors. A lot of those factors were for personal reasons such as a previous lack of motivation and a previous struggle with depression. The other factor that I had to deal with was because I was always working.



To be candid if you’ve dealt with one of or both of those factors it can really suck out any physical energy or even mental for that matter to get up and start doing a fitness routine that you’ve always wanted to do. But now that I don’t have either of those problems mentioned above I can say that I do calisthenics on a more consistent basis. I usually do it for between 2-3 days a week.



Even though sometimes work will get in the way (since we all got bills to pay anyway) I try to at least prioritize my physical health because that’s one of the most important things you can put as a priority in your life.










Benefits I’ve Personally Experienced Doing A Calisthenics Workout Routine

I gotta say I’ve experienced some pretty significant things since I’ve been doing body-weight exercises more consistently. For instance, I can feel that


I’ve gotten stronger and have a much better control of my body-weight. If I were to compare myself 2 years ago right when I had stopped dancing (soon I’ll be break-dancing again) I would say that I know for a fact that I’m much stronger now.



When I would dance consistently I wouldn’t do any additional physical conditioning exercises because to me dancing was enough exercise in of itself. As a result one of my biggest struggles became using the strength need I to do specific moves called freezes.



The thing with any freeze in breakin’ is that it require a lot of strength and control so because I didn’t add any type of conditioning exercises I struggled more than the average b-boy should’ve.



Once I started doing calisthenics more frequently all of that started to change. So for example one time I was at work cleaning an office and I noticed the open space hence I said to myself “let me see if I can still do a freeze”. And so when I did some freezes I had a much easier time holding my body up with both of my arms. Not only did I have a much easier time holding my body weight, I could transition from one arm and elbow to the other with touching the ground with my knees.



I literally was overly excited because not only could I hold my body weight with my arms but could also transition from one position to another without touching the ground. Sure, sure I could’ve gained the strength through lifting weights. However the control that I was able to wield over my entire body was due to doing calisthenics constantly.



I’m not saying lifting weights can’t help at all but what worked for me personally especially since I’m a b-boy I have to say calisthenics was the way to go.








The cons I’ve found in doing body weight exercises


Yeah, you read correctly. There are cons into doing calisthenics such as you burn energy very fast. Now for some that sounds like a dream come true but not for me. See I have an abnormally high metabolism and using my body weight for exercise only makes it even faster. But one solution that I’ve been using is that I’ve been trying to eat more portions than the average person. Due to my metabolism eating large portions are necessary for gaining weight.



The other con is that I won’t see physical results as quickly as oppose to using dumbbells. Even though this is true I have absolutely 0 regrets doing the exercises that I do. Instead of focusing on seeing physical results I’m more concerned with feeling the results of my exercise. And like I mentioned above I can control my body weight much better after doing calisthenics routinely.



In a nutshell I would say that for right now I have a lean physique. If I did want a specific build it would be like that of a gymnast. With hard work, proper dieting and consistency I’m sure I’ll get there.









Athletes That Motivated Me By Getting Into Calisthenics Training


Gymnast although muscular are mainly concerned with discipline & strength

A lot of time you hear people say that weight lifting is the best way to build strength & muscle and that’s not quite wrong but there are many ways to build muscle and strength.


If you’ve never heard of Herschel Walker I suggest that you google him. This guy looks like a titan all jokes aside. He use to play football but has also participated in MMA.



If you read about the methods that he uses you’ll see that weights aren’t his main style of fitness. However about 95-99% of his fitness routines consist of his body-weight only.

By oregonmildep from Salem, Oregon, United States - 130206-Z-OT568-010, CC BY 2.0,

By oregonmildep from Salem, Oregon, United States – 130206-Z-OT568-010, CC BY 2.0,



I mention male gymnast a lot on this site and with good reason too. Their constant push of physical limitations is proof that weights aren’t the only way to build muscle. If you’ve been told or ever think that you can’t gain muscle or build strength through calisthenics well…think again.                                                                                                                                                                                     


All these guys do is use their body-weight. Not only that, male gymnast can do some of the most outstanding, extraordinary moves that no else can do with exception of a few people.



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Case In Point About Getting Into Calisthenics Training




To wrap this post up I essentially got into calisthenics because I was inspired by male gymnast & Hershcel Walker but I also started doing it more consistently because I needed an additional form of conditioning specifically for dancing. And I must say I wish I got into it much earlier than I did. If I had then physically I’d be much stronger.



Thanks for reading my experience about my thoughts on getting into calisthenics. Don’t for to leave your thoughts in the comment section. Also share your opinion on the over all post or ask questions or point out something that stuck out to you.



As always stay consistently healthy & fit!


Jovan Vedrene