No Gym? Learn 5 Benefits To Doing Calisthenics

benefits of calisthenics

Can You Work Out Without Going To The Gym?


In short…yes. But instead of just saying yes without explaining how, there a equally effective ways you can get a good workout in without going to the gym. Now I’m not saying don’t get a gym membership at all. If you feel like you need to go to the gym that’s completely fine. Sometimes you may feel that you need that motivation from being around other people working out and you know what? That’s completely normal and okay. But have you considered the benefits of doing calisthenic exercises?




Ever heard of calisthenics? This is just basically working out with only your body-weight. Now in case you’re thinking “Huh! that doesn’t sound effective at all. You can’t build muscle like that” let’s stop and go through the top 5 benefits of calisthenics and then determine whether it’s for you personally.




What is notable to mention is that when you do this body-weight exercise faithfully, you’ll see the importance of putting discipline and functional strength before having your “ideal physique”. Having said that we’re going learn 5 benefits to doing calisthenics.




To find out how or where to start when doing calisthenics click the link for more info.








1) No Cost, No Start-Up Fees (Benefits Of Calisthenics)



No cost whatsoever is a great convenience you’ll experience when you learn 5 benefits to doing calisthenics. You can train in the comfort of your own home, you work-out at a park, you do it at the beach…I’m sure you get the point, it’s free virtually anywhere and can be done at anytime.





For instance, whenever I do my body-weight workouts I use with what space that I have and it works out pretty well. Now if you’re thinking “Yeah that’s great for you but I have 0 space to work-out at home so I might as well go to a gym”, that’s a very valid reason to get a membership and just use weights instead. However, I’m 6’5 and I have zero issues with space at my apartment so if I can use the space I have, then there’s no way why you couldn’t use the space you have at home. But either way the choice is yours.





But if you honestly feel that your space is too small and you’d prefer to just get a gym membership and do your workouts there, that’s perfectly fine. Just take into consideration into how I manage to do body-weight workouts at home and see if there’s some way you can do body-weight exercises with the space that you have.








2) You Learn To Use Your Strength Functionally (Calisthenics Strength)


So if you’ve ever watched the Olympics you’ve probably notice how jacked male gymnast are. What’s more is that you might even have compared how they can move as freely and swiftly, and even use all of their muscles so effortlessly, despite all that muscle mass but guys who are big like the Hulk somehow can’t move like him either (No one can literally move like the Hulk…that’s impossible). Well the thing is that gymnast are using is functionally strength.




It’s important to have functional strength so that you can use it in everyday situations. Like for example when you’re doing work that requires physical labor, or if you have to climb a gate because you got locked outside your apartment (happened to me…it sucks, believe me), or it you have to move all your furniture and boxes from one house to another; these are real life instances where you have to use functional strength.




And since having this physical ability is so crucial, calisthenics is one of the best and most effective ways to gain functional strength. There’s this one time where I was locked outside my apartment, but in order to get in I had to climb this locked gate to my brother’s room and get inside. Now before I did calisthenics consistently I had tried to climb the locked gate to my brother’s room (this was before I got locked out) but I couldn’t even push myself up. Now after I started working out more frequently with my own body-weight, when I attempted to climb the gate I didn’t just push myself, but I did it with little to no effort.





Another trait that I had acquired as I was climbing the gate was a nearly effortless use of balance, which is also very important along with functional strength. If you think that these benefits don’t seem all that great, well you’ll find out for yourself and when you do find out, hopefully you’ll retrieve this post to your mind and start taking your use of strength on a functional level more seriously.









3) You’ll Develop A Proportionately Toned Muscular Physique


Now even though functional strength is more important that the way you look, it doesn’t hurt to have a muscular appearance especially if we’re toned on both our upper & lower body. Now having said that, one of the other benefits of doing calisthenics is that develop a very toned yet proportionate physique.




For instance, you’ve probably seen how some people have this HUGE upper body made of muscles but they have chicken legs. That’s because when you use weights be it machine or dumbbells you’re only focusing on one or two specific muscles. Now unlike using dumbbells, when you use calisthenics on a frequent basis you focus on different muscles on a MULTIPLE scale. To give you an idea of what I mean, whenever I do calisthenics the muscles that I feel are being worked are…



  • Shoulder
  • Forearms
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Chest
  • Upper & Lower Back
  • Stomach
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves



Sounds intense but these are the areas that you’ll feel when you do a series of body-weight workout routines. At first you will feel as if your whole body was put through a fiery furnace 7x over. But as you do them more consistently you won’t feel as sore and you’ll look more toned too. So if you are aiming for your ideal physique, why not give calisthenics a shot?








4) You Get To Workout Virtually Anywhere You Wish (Calisthenics Benefits)



One of the other ways you’ll learn 5 benefits to doing calisthenics I mentioned earlier is that it can be done for free. Now to be more specific if you ever feel like you’re to confined doing your workouts at home but you don’t want to pay for a gym membership, switch up where you workout…seriously. The good thing about working out in different settings is that it pushes your body to adapt to different types of conditions.




To illustrate, one time I was doing just basic stuff like push ups, squats and planks on the beach. What I found was that working out on the sand was much more tense and a lot harder than working out on hardwood floor in my apartment. Another example is if you were to workout in the cold or in the desert (like in Rocky Balboa 4 or Creed 2) you’re gonna get more than just a good workout.




When done consistently you’ll get stronger and become more durable both physically and mentally. That’s all due to the constant pressure you underwent and had to overcome. You don’t have to be as intense as Rocky or Adonis Creed but if you want to change the setting of your training routines but can’t think of a suitable exercise, well it won’t kill you to incorporate some calisthenics into your fitness routine.








5) You Become Capable Of Doing Difficult Movements Others Can’t Do


Other ways you’ll learn 5 benefits to doing calisthenics will include being able to perform difficult movements. “Difficult movements? How so?” you’re probably thinking. If not that’s perfectly fine because you’re about to find out anyways. Have you ever watched YouTube videos of people doing outlandishly crazy movements on flagpoles or on monkey bars? You probably wonder how these feats are even humanly possible.




Well you’re not alone. In fact, most people can’t do the movements you’ve seen on guys do on YouTube or on google. Those guys use their body-weight to the max so that they perform the craziest feats. If you see a hulk like person it doesn’t mean that they can do what’s shown in the picture above.




Calisthenics is where you use nothing but your body-weight when exercising. As a result you also learn to control your body movements. For instance if you ever get the chance to look up bboy (break dancing) battles YouTube it. You’ll be amazed at how any human can position their body in a way that looks impossible to do. A lot of people who break-dance do calisthenics and as they use it to help with their dancing. They learn to exert total command over what they want their body to do.




So you may not be aiming to be a bboy or gymnast or do anything to the extreme. But if you do want better control over you’re body as mentioned throughout this entire post, give calisthenics a shot. But like with anything you won’t be able to experience the benefits unless you’re consistent.







To Conclude



Now I’m not saying calisthenics is superior to weight lifting or that one is better for you than the other. But what I am say is that when you start doing body-weight exercises it’s completely free. So there’s no need for a gym membership. Also you learn to use your strength on a functional level in daily situation. There are no limits as to where you can workout and you’ll even get the physique that you’ve dreamed of.




Now when picture doing body-weight exercises a farm-boy is not someone who’d come to mind right? Well before you write them out think about this fact. For all of human history we’ve done agriculture and through doing farm work we’ve gained functional strength.




If you’re thinking “Do farm-boys have the ideal physique?” Consider this, when I lived in New York both my room mates were raised as farm boys well, let’s just say the both looked like Thor. They didn’t get that way through lifting weights but they did get that way through hard labor. It’s through hard physical work that’ll give you not only functional strength but also the physique that you’ve wanted.




Hopefully you learned 5 benefits of doing calisthenics on a regular basis from reading this post. I’m sure there are more benefits from doing calisthenics exercises that weren’t covered.




Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. If there was an additional benefit that could’ve been mentioned leave it in the comment section to share with everyone.




Until next time, always stay healthy & fit


Jovan Vedrene