Refining My Dancing With Calisthenics Training

The Connection Between Calisthenics Training And Dancing


Imagine that you’re an athlete and that all you do is train. How likely are you to improve in your respective field? Well obviously your improve if you train hard enough. But what if you didn’t do any conditioning exercises to help with the sport that you play? Will you still improve? You may make some refinements but you’ll have a lot of limits. That’s what I’ve had to learn from break-dancing (b-boying) over time. I learned that in order to improve, refining my dancing with calisthenics training would be crucial to my performance.




I’ve practiced a lot rigorously and granted I’ve made a lot of progress. However despite how often I’ve spent time practicing in the dance studio I neglected adding a conditioning exercise for my dancing. An athlete will get better at his/her respective field through both practice AND conditioning. In the same sense I realized (a little late) that refining my dancing with calisthenics training is essential for getting better at breaking.




The reason why I chose calisthenics training specifically is because sense break-dancing require that you use your entire body weight, I’d learn how to have better control when I dance by using body-weight exercises.








Building Strength To Improve My Dancing Skills


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A lot of times people think that there’s no real relation between strength and dancing. However this couldn’t be further from the truth. Like I mentioned before, I like to b-boy (break-dance) and if it’s one thing that you must have when breaking it’s strength. In fact it’s essential because breaking is such a physical dance. You have to have strength to position your body in a number way (via freezes) and you have to have strength to constantly go from your back, to your feet, to your knees etc.,.




The closet training routine to build strength from my dancing came from me learning about calisthenics. As mentioned before you only use your body-weight when exercising. Although weight training can help it’s just not the same, because from my point of view doing a body-weight routine is perfect for breaking which require your ENTIRE body-weight.




In fact if anyone wanted to learn how to b-boy and didn’t take building their strength into consideration, then they’re in for a rude awakening. As a matter of fact, almost any if not any complex dance out their requires body-weight strength which is why I specifically chose to refine my dancing with calisthenics training.









Building Mobility To Improve My Breaking Skills



This is an ABSOLUTE must because you have to be able to move freely and easily on the dance floor. Even though weights can help you with your strength, mobility is an absolute must when breaking which isn’t something that I’d get through weight lifting. Doing calisthenics however is an exercise that’ll absolutely help with my mobility.




One of the reasons I had a hard time with changing from one move to the next was because my mobility was poor. Sure for someone who’s 6’5 breaking’s an incredible feat. However when doing any dance (especially b-boying) you have to be able to move freely and easily. Had I started a body-weight earlier I would’ve been much better at breaking a lot sooner.




Another calisthenics targets multiple parts of the body and pushes you to work on many physically attributes. These include you strength, speed, control, mobility & endurance. Since you must have all of these physical when b-boying I felt that the best method for me was refining my dancing with calisthenics training.









Building Control To Improve My Dancing



This is the MOST ESSENTIAL part of doing any dance but especially breaking. Everything is centered on how well you can control your movements whenever you dance. In fact me trying to dance with little to no control would be like driving a car without knowing how to use the steering wheel. From dancing on your feet (via up-rock), to dancing on the ground (via footwork), to holding your body in mid-air (via freezes) all will be depended on how well you can control your body.




Is this something that I could’ve gotten through weight-lifting? Maybe to a very limited extend. I’m not saying weight training is inferior and that calisthenics is superior. Weight lifting is great for building strength and muscle mass. However break-dancing is relies more so on your physical performance and how well you can control your body movements.




Having said all of that since calisthenics focuses on using your body-weight, learning control will naturally come as a result of training. This was the number one reason why I chose to focus on refining my dancing with calisthenics training. The control that I’m learning through doing body-weight exercises is the same control that I’ll need to use for breaking.








Building Speed & Endurance To Refine In My Breaking Skills



Having speed & endurance are very NECESSARY for breaking or any sort of sophisticated dance. Believe me when I say if your endurance is lacking then it’s gonna show every time that you dance. Since the music in b-boying is meant to be fast paced having speed is something to not be overlooked. In fact if you didn’t have speed as a physical attribute then you’d have a hard time keeping up with the music.




If I started doing calisthenics earlier and added it as a method of physical conditioning, my endurance and speed could’ve been much better. One thing that I did was making the mistake of only relying on dancing to build speed and endurance. That’s not to say that dancing can’t help you with those physical attributes but it’s always better to add another method of working out. Because I relied on my dancing to help with my speed, endurance, strength, mobility and control my skills became limited.




What using body-weight exercises could’ve done was enhance my physical performance. Like I mentioned earlier doing calisthenics and breaking are so related that it’d be a foolish decision to not incorporate it as a method of conditioning.






To Sum Things Up



Now that I’ve mentioned all of the physical attributes that I need to improve here’s my main point. I’ve learned that much like athletics and martial arts, break-dancing very physical. Thus just like how an athlete or a fighter would have to add another method of physical conditioning, I’d HAVE to physical condition my body if I wanted to see progress.



In reality one should eat healthy & exercise to improve their physical performance and their health first. If I were so concerned about my physique, how would that help with my performance while dancing? Well…it wouldn’t help at all. What is helping me though is refining my dancing with calisthenics training.




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Jovan Vedrene