Guava Eliminated My Aunt’s Diabetes

benefits of eating guava

What Guava Did For My Aunt Medically


“There are benefits to eating guava?” you may be asking. The answer is…you’ll find out soon enough. When I was with my uncle and aunt one time we were having a conversation on health, fitness, dieting and exercising, all that good stuff. “Oh okay…where’s this conversation going? Everyone has those conversations” you may be thinking.



Well here’s what led up to this conversation; it all started when they found out that I walked a total of 14 miles…multiple times (I know, crazy). Then we started talking about this documentary on Netflix Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead; and so they asked “Man what makes you so driven to take such long walks?”



When I told them all of the articles that I’ve read about diabetes and high blood pressure they remarked that I stated that natural fruits and help prevent high blood pressure and diabetes. During that conversation they were like “oh yeah, did we tell you Tham (my aunt) had diabetes and high blood pressure?” “Wait what? How did she get it?” I asked them. So as we all know she was not only diagnosed with those two but also prescribed some pills.



Fast forward 5-6 months later I went to their house and saw a guava tree. “Hmmm. That’s new. When did they get a guava tree?” That same day I found out my aunt completely got rid of her high blood pressure and diabetes. Now what does that have to do with the guava tree? You’re about to find out how eating guava eliminated my aunt’s diabetes.




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What Possessed My Aunt To Grow A Guava Tree?



As mentioned before, eating guava eliminated my’s aunt’s diabetes & high blood pressure…COMPLETELY! Was is the pills the doctor prescribed her? Was it something else? Did she know what it was?



I asked her “oh by the way, what’s with the guava tree?” Come to find out it was the guava fruit the got rid of her diabetes and her high pressure. How she came to that conclusion?



When she went to the doctor after she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes, my aunt went for a check to see how she was doing physically. At that same day of her visit the doctor said “What happened to your diabetes & high blood pressure? I’m seeing that your blood is completely clear of them both? Have you been taking the pills I prescribed you?”



“No I’ve just been eating the guava fruit consistently” was my aunt’s response. Now that you’ve read that entire story of how my aunt got rid of her diabetes and high blood pressure you may be thinking “see I knew these doctors where full of garbage”. Not quite. Doctors can very much so tell us what’s wrong with our bodies medically since that’s their profession, but at the same there are some foods or herbs that can help our bodies in ways they wouldn’t have know as was the case with my aunt’s doctor.



What made my aunt grow a guava tree wasn’t merely for decoration but it was specifically for targeting her ailments based on what her and my uncle researched. Here’s what was so special about the guava fruit that helped her eliminate her diabetes and high blood pressure.







What I Found Out About Guava From My Uncle & Aunt (How To Treat Diabetes)

Now other than the fact to guava taste really good and the juice is phenomenal (you should try guava syrup. It’s quite the delicacy) There are tremendous medical benefits that come with eating guava. It’s particularly rich in both vitamins B & D which, when taken consistently will tremendously boost you’re immune system and will help your body with as follows…


  •  Fight against type 2 diabetes
  • Aid your digestive system against diarrhea
  • Help you fight against the flu
  • Reduce and in some cases (like with my aunt) rid yourself of high blood pressure
  • Boost heart health in turn strengthening your blood flow
  • Fight against high cholesterol


Now there are a couple of things you should consider. Number 1) you need to be eating them consistently. You won’t just be cured of these ailments if you struggle with them over night. Number 2) These are just some of the many, many benefits that come with eating this delicious fruit.



Admittedly guava fruit does have a peculiar smell but you know what, when you consider the benefits would you care so much about the smell? Maybe, maybe not. I’ll tell you this much, since I’ve started taking guava along with some other fruits I seen a multitude of benefits. In fact when I told my parents that eating guava eliminated my aunt’s diabetes’ they were amazed. But then again who wouldn’t be.









How I’ve Benefited From Eating Guava (Benefits Of Eating Guava)



I’ve never had anything as dramatic as diabetes, but since eating guava I’ve benefited in drastic ways I wouldn’t have imagined. For instance I’ve…


  • Felt a better increase in blood flow through my body
  • Notice how it’s helped my immune system seeing that I haven’t been sick in almost 2 years
  • Seen it help my skin become clearer
  • Made me feel more energetic


Now concerning my energy level, a lot of it does have to do with my youth. But a big part of the benefits I’ve mentioned does come from eating the guava fruit. Talking to my aunt and uncle and hearing her experience was probably one of the best things that’s every happened to me. It also taught me that there’s a lot that our planet has a lot to provide us medically and naturally.



I’m not saying “Don’t trust a word these doctors say about your health…at all”. What I am saying is that even though they can and many times have given you a proper diagnoses (in my aunt’s case, diabetes and high blood pressure) if you are given to take some pills, a lot of times what has happened is that you start experiencing these crazy side effects and when you tell the doctor what usually happens? Yeah…they’ll give you more pills to take.



So if you do happen to experience either high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, digestive issues such as diarrhea or you just have a nag for getting sick all the time, look into eating guava. But don’t just eat it one time and say “Hey man nothing happened. I ate it once and it didn’t do a thing.” Eat it like you’d eat anything else…eat it frequently.








In Conclusion (Health Benefits Of Eating Guava)

Now what does that have to do with fitness? Well ask yourself this, in what way will your fitness routines positively impact your body if you’re dealing with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or a low immune system? Do you honestly think that you’ll be strong and fit if you’re always sick due to have such poor health? I certainly hope not. But again, don’t just take my word for it regarding eating guava.


So that’s the story of how eating guava eliminated my aunt’s diabetes. See for yourself what benefits of eating guava fruit you’ll experience when you add it as part of your diet. Until next time always stay healthy and stay fit.


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Jovan Vedrene