The Struggles Of Being An Ectomorph

What’s An Ectomorph?


An ectomorph is basically someone who’s typically on the skinnier side and has small joints and lean muscles. One very noticeable trait that people with this body type have is that their metabolism is super fast. If this isn’t something that you don’t struggle with you’re probably thinking “okay, I don’t see the struggle”. If you do have a high metabolism the you most definitely know the struggles of being an ectomorph.



Having a high metabolism may seem like peaches and cream (pun intended) but it can be both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side you can eat more than the average person and not gain and a lot of weight. On the negative side though if you want to gain muscle then you’ll wish that you were like everyone else. To be candid here I’m gonna share the struggles of being an ectomorph that I’ve experienced, the solution that I’m learning to apply and how it impacts my diet and performance.



If you have a high metabolism and you burn energy very fast then hopefully you’ll find this post both relatable and practical. Check out a related post about exercising for your performance first in the link









The Struggles I Have With Being An Ectomorph


Like I mentioned earlier typically when you have this body type you burn energy fast thus it’s hard to gain weight. So for instance I could have a large breakfast (about 4 pancakes, french toast, potatoes etc.,.) that’s high in carbs and protein but literally within an hour I’m hungry again. Since I have such a high metabolism I have to eat more meals that the average person would have to.



So are there good things that come with being an ectomorph? Well yes…and no. Yes, because you burn energy and you’ll burn carbs quickly. No, because if you want to build muscle you must first put on weight and turn that extra weight into muscle. For example, one time I was at a gathering and I had 4 large plate of pasta, salad, couscous, potato salad and beef. Now I don’t know about you but that’s A LOT of food and despite all of those carbs and protein within an hour or two I was hungry.



Some of the other struggles I have with being an ectomorph is that since I do calisthenics that actually speeds up the amount of energy that’s burned. That’s due to the fact that body-weight exercises naturally burns more energy and calories in the body. So if you every want to put on muscle progress will be slower if you do calisthenics.



No that I’ve discussed the struggles I have with being an ectomorph how about sharing some positive solutions that I’m learning to apply.









The Solutions I’m Learning To Use As An Ectomorph


Earlier I mentioned that having a quick metabolism is one of the struggles of being an ectomorph. As result it’s much more difficult putting on weight and turning it into muscle. But since you burn more energy than people with a different body type doesn’t that mean you should eat more? Well how right you are.



Instead of eating 3 meals a day I’m learning that I have to eat about 6 meals daily. That sounds unrealistic doesn’t? That even sounds impossible not to mention ridiculous. However there is a method that you can use that’ll help you eat 6 meals a day. After eating breakfast having a healthy snack before lunch will slow down the amount of energy that’s burned in the body. When having a large lunch it’s best to either eat a snack or have a smoothie to fill your stomach. Before working out it’s always a good idea to either drink a smoothie, shake or to eat a healthy grain bar.



After going through an intense workout obviously you’d want to eat a large dinner. But wait, there’s even more that you want to do after eating dinner. That’s right you guessed it, eat another meal or healthy snack to slow down how much energy that you burn. So essentially if you have a high metabolism this would (should) be our routine…


  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Have a snack or drink a fruit shake afterwards.
  3. Eat lunch
  4. Have a snack or drink a shake or smoothie.
  5. Workout vigorously
  6. Eat a large dinner
  7. Have a snack before going to bed.


If you count how many meals those are that you’d have to consume it’s about six meal a day. That does sound like a lot but it’s not too much food since it’ll be broken down by the body.








The Impact Being An Ectomorph Has On Diet & Performance


The only thing that being an ectomorph has on my diet is that I just have to eat more meals than normal people (I’m somewhat unique…jk). Now what does this have to do with my physical performance? Imagine that you eat a meal like everyone else and then you go do your workout knowing that you should’ve had a snack before your workout, how long will your workout last? Well for starters you need the energy to help you carry on throughout the time that your training hard.



Since you burn more energy that the average person a regular diet won’t help with your performance the way you’d like. In order to physically perform well you have to have to energy that comes from eating more than 3 meals daily. If your diet consist of at least 6 meals then every time you workout your performance will naturally prosper. You’ll build strength, endurance, speed etc.,. but that only comes from getting the right amount of energy for your specific body type.



I’ll give you another example. If I were to go to a dance studio to practice for at least 3 hours will I last the entire 180 minutes due to eating a regular meal? Since dancing already burns a lot of calories the only way I could have enough energy to last three hours is if I have an extra meal. Thus physical performance will naturally be impacted depending on the diet that you incorporate.



The greatest benefit is that the more energy you consume and the harder you work then both your health and physical performance will benefit. The key is to eat a lot more food consistently and train harder than most people.







To Sum Things Up


Being an ectomorph isn’t all that bad. Like many things there are both pros and cons. The pros are you won’t gain weight because you burn more energy then most people do. The cons however are that it’ll be harder to put on muscle mass. The solution to this problem is to eat more to consume more energy and train harder than most people do.



Do this constantly and your health and your performance will drastically improve. So that’s my take on the struggles of being an ectomorph. Hopefully you enjoyed this post and found it relatable.



If so feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and always remember to stay healthy & fit.




Jovan Vedrene