Water’s Impact On My Co-Worker’s Health

Water’s Impact On My Co-Worker’s Well-Being


When was the last time that you drank plenty of water? You may be thinking “I seriously should stop neglect my water intake”. If so then admission’s the first step to progress. But did you know that other than staying hydrated drinking water has many other benefits? Instead of sharing fun facts with you I’m going to share a real experience on water’s impact my co-worker’s health. You’ll be amazed on how she changed her over all well being just from drinking water.



It should be noted that after she had another baby she really wanted to had clearer skin, lose weight and feel more energized. Since we’re on the topic of drinking water and the impact it has let’s take a look at how water’s helped her benefit in all of those areas.






Increase In Her Weight Loss (Water Health Benefits)


This was probably the most phenomenal effect that increasing her water intake had on my co-worker. One moment when I left the grocery store for good she wasn’t at her ideal weight. The next moment when I went back months later all I heard was “Hey Jovan what’s up” and I must say, I almost didn’t recognize her.



She made a complete 360 degree turn with her weight. In fact I was so stunned I ended up saying “Not tryna imply anything but dang girl you look good.” How did she lose all her weight? All she did was drink water continuously. What water does for you is that it cleans your insides and if heightens your metabolism. When your metabolism is increased, you burn more energy and that also included fat.



So she didn’t take some dieting pill or get liposuction or starve herself to death. The one thing that she did frequently is drink water constantly. Now that was just one of water’s impact on my co-worker’s health. Wait till you see how it helped her well being in other ways, so stick around and don’t go anywhere.







Water Gave Her Clearer Skin (Importance Of Water & Health)



Another impressive feature that drinking water had on my co-worker’s health was that she had clearer skin. Much like drinking water we tend to neglect the health and clarity of our skin. Since the skin is the largest organ we’d do well to take care of it. That’s what she did anyways and she did it the natural way.



When you drink water as much as you’re suppose to it naturally clears the body including the skin of toxins. In fact if you didn’t drink any water your organs including your skin wouldn’t be as healthy due to a lack of hydration. It should also be noted that the human body is made of around 70 percent of water. So naturally increasing your water intake will lead to healthier more functional organs and that also includes your skin too. Not only do our cells make up our organs but they are also made of mostly water thus it’s not a terrible idea to hydrate our body as well as our skin cells too.



Based off of what my former co-worker told me one of the best ways that your can have clearer skin is by drinking water and staying hydrated. If water’s impact on my co-worker’s health can do her that much good, surely anyone can also reap these benefits.




For more info about the benefits of drinking water click the link https://www.uwhealth.org/madison-plastic-surgery/the-benefits-of-drinking-water-for-your-skin/26334








Drinking Water Made Her Feel More Energized



Do you feel like you lack the energy to do anything? Sofia (my former co-worker) certainly did, until she started to increase her water intake that is. Remember when I mentioned that the cells are made of mostly water? Well obviously scientist discovered that first so I’m no scientist. But it should be noted however that when you’re dehydrated your cells and your organs shrivel more than they should. When this happens your organs won’t function to the proper degree and eventually making you fee less energized.




Now if you were to drink more water your organs would be cleansed of any toxins and be more hydrated leaving feel more energized. This was one of the benefits of water’s impact on my co-worker’s health. I should also mention that she has six kids so that can already be an energy drain in of itself.




In fact she even told me that her feeling more energized was definitely a benefit that she attributes to drinking water. As a result she’s able to have the energy she needs to work and focus on her kids. I personally don’t have kids but being energized, having clear skin and a high metabolism is something that I or anyone would want. So bottom line just drink enough water and reap it’s benefits.






Bottom Line



Hopefully her experience motivated you to start raising your water intake. Although there are many benefits to drinking water those were the most notable ones that my former co-worker benefited from. Are these benefits exclusive to just her? Of course not. In fact since water is essential to all life on planet earth every living thing no matter their species, body-type, height etc.,. can benefit from drinking water regularly.



So never neglect the importance of drinking water. Neglecting our consumption of water would be like neglecting our consumption of food. So just like we need to eat regularly and healthy if we want to see the benefits, we also need to drink water regular if we want to see the positive impact. Even though this site is called Men’s Healthy Fitness water is essential to both men & women. Having said all of everything in the post that was water’s impact on my co-worker’s health.




If you learned something new or found this post helpful share your thoughts in the comment section. And as always remember to start healthy & fit and always stay healthy & fit.




Jovan Vedrene