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Hey there and welcome to Men’s Healthy Fitness (menshealthyfit.com). This is a site that’s meant to help gain functional strength and a healthy lifestyle via fitness and legit dieting. I’m sure you hear that a lot, but seriously check out what this site has to offer. Post occur every week giving either tips to benefit both your health and fitness or/and give you stories and experiences that you can personally benefit from and a personal and a practical level.











Here on this site instead of prioritizing your muscular appearance over your physical prowess and vitality, you’ll get simple yet insightful tips and pointers on prioritizing your strength and health over your appearance.


Having a brawny physique is nice since none of us guys want to stay skinny, slender or over-weight, but that doesn’t mean that we should prioritize our physique over our performance and health.


So whenever you’re getting into to a routine of fitness, ask yourself “What do I need to do to refine my performance, and what exercises can personally help me reach that goal?” Here are some ways for you to reach those fitness goals.



  • Use calisthenics (body-weight exercises) to build your strength, speed, agility and other physical attributes essential to your performance.
  • Consume a diet rich in produce, protein, dairy, GOOD carbs to make your training even more effective
  • Always stretch about 5-10 mins daily to reduce the risk of injury or cramps
  • Exercise frequently so that you can see REAL results



And even so much more. But you will also get some references on what kind of equipment you can use and what items you should buy to make your dieting more sufficient because after all without a proper diet, exercising will only help on a limited scale.





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WHAT TO EXPECT (Healthy Lifestyle Routine)


In the page “Health & Fitness” of this site, you’ll get some practical advice on what you can do to get started on having a healthy and fit lifestyle so that you can gain functional strength. The simple equation that the “Health & Fitness” page is going to show you is that healthy dieting + fitness training=Physical Capabilities.



In the Blog page you’ll get access to stories from me and other folks with the same kind of interest on what they do to have a healthy way of living and the kind of fitness routines they use to help them stay fit & healthy. I know you’ll find this site not only helpful but also relatable. Hopefully you got something out of the post “Welcome To Men’s Healthy Fitness”. Always remember to push yourself to stay healthy & fit.


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Jovan Vedrene


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